Eminent Domain and “Higher Use”, a Critique of #NeverTrumpism

Eminent Domain and “Higher Use”, a Critique of #NeverTrumpism

BE FUNKY GOP LOGO over Amber trafflic light photo by Mark Morgan Flickr cc 2.0


You don’t have to look far to find a lot of fine internet sites who have become homes for ardent anti-Donald Trump sentiment. Some are even paid to be this way, which sort of takes the luster off of being a true conservative, if you stop to connect a couple of more dots. It’s sort of like being a very public man of the cloth, then seen sharing drinks with a hot chick on Ladies’ Night at a Holiday Inn 100 miles away. The man’s reputation descends one whisper at a time, but what is  often placed in peril is the message he was carrying around in his coat pocket.

Worse than being called a rogue is being called a paid political hack, for the message in his pocket is often tarnished more than his own worthless hypocritical hide.

The #NeverTrump zeitgeist

Because, in the past, I have painted Ted Cruz in almost saintly terms, as a martyr with a halo who’s turned over tables in the GOP’s temple, even described him in Crusader dress, battle sword firmly planted in the ground and voted for him in the Virginia primaries, I feel I have some insights as to the risks one takes when he leaps those bounds of being for a thing, in this case, Ted Cruz, to suddenly defining oneself almost entirely by what he hates.

Besides, I’m old. I’ve seen all this before, and know that dark path many younger conservatives have gone down, and know there are no easy exits or turnarounds. I know that saying “Oops, I wuz wrong” puts at risk the most precious of treasures owned by the young bright mind in love with himself…his status among his peers is an impossibility. So, for most, those exits are blocked at every turn by one’s own vanity.

Older conservatives already know this, but younger ones, not so much, but the Left has owned that territory for decades. So beware of blurring the distinction between yourselves and them, for people of lesser intellectual depth, the people conservatives are supposed to be representing, even protecting, will judge you more by your outward representations than the intellectual specialness you’ve convinced yourselves you possess. Many of you don’t possess it, I already know, but sadly, almost all of you will be judged by those rottenest of apples in your barrel.  And in the real world of mainstream Republican voters, much of your #NeverTrump cant and conduct they already recognize, and despise, for it is indistinguishable from the down-the-nose disdain the Left has heaped upon them since the 1960s[…]

Original photo of Amber Traffic Light by Mark Morgan, Flickr (cc 2.0)


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