First came the Breathalyzer, now meet the roadside police “textalyzer”

First came the Breathalyzer, now meet the roadside police “textalyzer”

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From the breathalyzer to the black box to the textalyzer but not to worry, the police state is from the government and they are here to help (sarcasm).  Not!

Ars Technica by David Kravets

Drivers in accidents could risk losing license for refusing to submit phone to testing.

We’re all familiar with the Breathalyzer, the brand name for a roadside device that measures a suspected drunken driver’s blood-alcohol level. It has been in use for decades. Now there’s a so-called “textalyzer” device to help the authorities determine whether someone involved in a motor vehicle accident was unlawfully driving while distracted.

The roadside technology is being developed by Cellebrite, the Israeli firm that many believe assisted the Federal Bureau of Investigation in cracking the iPhone at the center of a heated decryption battle with Apple.

Under the first-of-its-kind legislation proposed in New York, drivers involved in accidents would have to submit their phone to roadside testing from a textalyzer to determine whether the driver was using a mobile phone ahead of a crash[…]

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