Sultan Erdogan’s security tries to force Islamic rule on protesters during his unpopular U.S. visit

Sultan Erdogan’s security tries to force Islamic rule on protesters during his unpopular U.S. visit

The Muslim Issue

A secret service agent scolds security for Turkey


Let’s not forget that this caliph criminal was the favorite allie to the U.S. and the Eurocrats not too long back. We recall footage from an EU Parliamentary session where a most ridiculous Swedish politician demanded, almost arguing, that Turkey must be fasttracked into EU membership with all the open borders and access it entails. The Eurocrats are always slow to do anything. Had they proceeded Europe would have turned into an Islamic country, meaning a Muslim majority continent, overnight. Unreal. The same Swedish clown should be exposed and hung out in media for being the pinheaded traitor he is and be forced to resign.

The Syrian forces are finding more and more evidence of Turkey’s collaboration with ISIS in the form of oil trade, granting access to entry and exit routes, money laundering, antiquities sales and laundering and any other conceivable avenue that keeps ISIS alive and funded.

Muslims are poisonously vindictive and paranoid. Erdogan will interpret these freedoms to protest as a personal insult and a deliberate U.S. government set-up to humiliate him. They have no clue how democracy works and that people have the right to protest with little input by the government. It will not be positive for political relations….

‘This is America!’ The moment a Secret Service agent confronts Turkish president’s bodyguards who roughed up journalists in DC

  • Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave speech on Thursday
  • Kurdish demonstrators clashed with pro-Erdogan demonstrators in street
  • But journalists critical of Erdogan also said they were kicked and barred from entering the Institute by his security guards
  • Secret service agent was caught on film scolding two of the security detail
  • Erdogan’s regime has been criticized for harsh crackdowns on the press 

By Chris Pleasance For
Published: 14:52, 2 April 2016

This is the incredible moment a secret service agent was filmed scolding one of the Turkish president’s bodyguards after clashes with protesters and reporters in Washington D.C. on Thursday.

Turkey’s leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan was in the capital for this week’s nuclear summit with other world leaders when scuffles broke out outside the Brookings Institution.

Bystanders captured video of the president’s security detail tearing anti-Erdogan banners from protesters’ hands, while journalists claimed they were also pushed and kicked […]


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