VIDEO=> Chicago Man Gunned Down While Live Streaming Video

VIDEO=> Chicago Man Gunned Down While Live Streaming Video

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People can talk and make all of  the excuses that they want but I am here to tell you that the ghetto is no way of life as can be witnessed in the video below of a young man shot multiple times in broad daylight on the streets of Chicago as he live streamed on Facebook.

The Gateway Pundit by Andrew Marcus

A black man was gunned down live on camera by another black man in Chicago yesterday. He was using Facebook’s live streaming service when he was slaughtered in broad daylight.

chicago man shot live

The 31 year-old man was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. It’s hard to decide if this is more of a comment on Chicago’s ridiculous gun laws or on the fraud that is ‘Black Lives Matter’. And people wonder why Chicago […]

Not to worry, Black Lives Matter thug cannot be bothered to deal with Black on Black crime, they’re too busy setting plans in motion to Cleveland, Ohio to the ground this summer during the 2016 RNC convention….Just saying. After all, it is their modus operandi.

Praying for the young man in the video and his family.


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