Group opposes confederate flag event

Group opposes confederate flag event


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GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Saturday people gathered at the Eternal Light Peace Memorial in Gettysburg to honor confederate soldiers as well as the confederate flag. But it was clear that it symbolized more than one meaning.

“It represents the south it represents our history and our heritage,” Mark Landree, Executive Director of Sons of Confederate Veterans, said.

“It’s a symbol that’s used for white supremacy,” Christina Hansen, an anti-supporter of the confederate flag, said.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans said the Flag Day event is to show that the flag is part of our culture….

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Marxists, attacking the Confederate Flag, a part of American history to legitimize diminishing the liberties of Americans. How Progressively intolerant.

Regardless of one’s belief of the Confederate Flag, it remains part of our nation’s history and no one has the right to demand that the Civil War, the soldiers who fought in the war on both sides and the Confederate Flag be eliminated written out.

There is an agenda at play and it is THAT agenda that must be denied down to the endless guilt tripping.

H/t Rifleman III Journal.


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