Why News About Republicans and Angry Red Diaper Baby Bernie Is Very Bad

Why News About Republicans and Angry Red Diaper Baby Bernie Is Very Bad

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Unfortunately the odds are high that the same stupid American voters who elected Barack Obama in 2008 and then again in 2012 based on the color of his skin and who today are suffering the repercussions of their actions have learned nothing.

Proving their ignorance yet again, the same low information voters will vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman or Bernie Sanders because the slogan, “feel the Bern” is cool.

All that and the promise of free stuff…again.

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Democrats are reluctant to admit they would support the Socialist/Communist candidate Bernie Sanders but that doesn’t mean they won’t.

Barack Obama is promising freebies to college students again. He just announced a $2 billion dollar wish list for college students and that gives a boost to Bernie Sanders, not necessarily Hillary. Bernie Sanders is doing the same thing – promising free college to the youth. This does make them both very popular with the young but it’s hard to beat Bernie when it comes to free everything.

As Hillary Clinton moves closer to an implosion, it is Bernie Sanders who Obama will probably support. They’re both Marxists.

Despite being a creepy, aged Communist, Bernie Sanders has a real shot at the presidency and this is why[…]




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