NYPD Ordered To Purge All Documents On Terrorists Because If May Offend “Muslim Community”…

NYPD Ordered To Purge All Documents On Terrorists Because If May Offend “Muslim Community”…

screenshot nypd cruiser responding to an emergency in Manhattan


This will not end well nor will it sit well with the people of New York City. If only they were paying attention.

Weasel Zippers

Hurt feelings alert!

Via Free Beacon:

The New York Police Department has been directed by a U.S. court to remove from its online records an investigation pertaining to the rise of Islamic extremists in the West and the threats these individuals pose to American safety, according to legal documents.

As part of a settlement agreement reached earlier this month with Muslim community advocates in U.S. District Court, the NYPD will purge from its website an extensive report that experts say has been critical to the department’s understanding of radical Islam and its efforts to police the threat […]


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  1. kookooracharabioso

    Hnnnnnnh . . . . I was noticing that people are leaving their holiday decor up longer this year. Usually it’s gone by New Years Day. But no, we are into our 3rd week of the New Year and my neighbors are still lighting up every night. Me, ever since the public service announcement told me to avoid red and green because those colors are inflammatory to Muslims – I am wearing red and green most days. What? They think they own those colors? You’re telling me that a Muslim has the mentality of a bull? He sees red he’s gonna charge?

    1. From a child, we always kept our decorations up past New Years Day, outside lights too. There are a few people in my neighborhood who are still in the Christmas spirit. Bless their souls.

      I agree. I think people got away from spirit of Christmas for a while but are reconnecting with their faith, etc.

      As to your question about “a Muslim has the mentality of a bull? He sees red he’s gonna charge?” With all the gang bangers (Bloods, wearing their colors, red and black), he’d be dead after two steps. Just saying.

      I love my red and green, saying Merry Christmas and don’t care how offended ANYONE gets. One thing I did notice, this season is that just about everyone I proclaimed, “Merry Christmas” too responded in kind which tells me that people are fed up with the “Happy Holidays” pc crap.

  2. So New York City will soon be a sanctuary city for terrorists? Guess that’s some more of those good, old New York values. Hey, peeps….Ted Cruz is not the enemy.

    1. Actually, Bob, NYC has always been a sanctuary city for terrorists. I have written in past posts that if Islamic terrorists wanted to commit a major genocide that they could get us through our foods, hit us at the drug stores and/or supermarkets because they have had ownership for those businesses in NYC for at least two and half decades, i.e., long before 911.

      Prior to 911, grocery store owners, fruit stand owners put family pictures on display at the store counter of family members (male) holding guns in the mountains or where ever in the middle east from grandpa down to the three year old. NYC cab drivers until 911 use to have these miniature tassles attached to a mini koran hanging on their rear view mirror. The tassles read, “Al Qaeda.”

      I can even tell you of one store, where in the line of family pictures, there was a photo of the store owner shaking Saddam Hussein’s hand in Hussein’s castle. When I questioned the man, he told me that his father was a lieutenant for Sadddam Hussein.

      Those aren’t New York values, New Yorkers (far too many) are asleep at the wheel and from conversations that I have had, most of them have no idea who Ted Cruz is but then that’s what happens when one lives in a Democratic state and people are working 15 hours a day struggling to pay their bills. They’re not paying attention and have never taken the time to put 2 and 2 together that liberalism is squeezing them bone dry.

      Finally, you’re spot on, Cruz is not the enemy.

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