Illegal Aliens Received HALF of All Driver’s Licenses in 2015

Illegal Aliens Received HALF of All Driver’s Licenses in 2015

illegal immigrant licenses


The Minority Report by

California is simply a suicidal state. People are slaughtered in San Bernardino by Jihadists and they walk around and wonder how that could happen. Well, half of all driver’s licenses issued in 2015 went to illegal aliens and that doesn’t count refugees. The state is an invasion force all in its own. It’s a bloody shame as the state was damn near a paradise at one time. The Marxists have totally ruined it from making the rich, green farming areas in the state into dust bowls, to transforming populated areas into third world countries… California is a dangerous foreign country anymore.

From Louder with Crowder:

You remember how California was victim to an Islamic terror attack last month, right? Two people who turned out not to be Methodists or Baptists, who were also not originally from America, killed 14 people. It was kind of a big deal. Event though Obama[…]


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