STUDY: ‘Massive’ grade inflation in New York City schools

STUDY: ‘Massive’ grade inflation in New York City schools

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No doubt, the results of Progressive social-engineering policies hell bent on the dumbing down of America, primarily our young.

EAG News

NEW YORK – Grade inflation is rampant in New York City’s (NYC) public schools, reports a new study by StudentsFirstNY.

Even though most NYC public school students are failing state tests, they are receiving passing grades for coursework at their schools, according to the authors of “The Hidden Truth: Massive Grade Inflation Conceals Underperformance in NYC Schools.”

In schools where fewer than 10 percent of students pass state tests, 85 percent of students were passing their school’s coursework, the study found. This is not only happening in failing schools; it’s true for many of NYC’s public schools, according to the report.

StudentsFirstNY is calling for an independent audit of school coursework in the city’s public schools to ensure it is teaching at correct grade levels[…]

Force the government out of our schools and turn the future of our young around.


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