Philip Haney: Obama Homeland Security Shut Down Probe into Islamic Jihadis

Philip Haney: Obama Homeland Security Shut Down Probe into Islamic Jihadis

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Philip Haney, the former employee–now whistleblower of the Department of Homeland Security–writes about his experience at the federal anti-terror department, which he claims has been hampered by political correctness from the Obama Administration.

From The Hill:

There are terrorists in our midst and they arrived here using legal means right under the noses of the federal law enforcement agencies whose mission is to stop them. That is not due to malfeasance or lack of effort on the part of these officers; it is due to the restrictions placed on them by the Obama administration […]


A dereliction of duty, you think?

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  1. What kind of a name is “Jeh” anyway?

    1. When I first started doing posts on “Jeh”, I found myself constantly double checking thinking that I got it wrong or the media but it’s “Jeh.” Even googled, “what is “Jeh” short for” and google responded, “Did you mean: what is “Jeb” short for”


      When one googles “Muslim name Jeh” google gives one the option of “Muslim name ‘Jehan'” and “meaning of Muslim name ‘Jehan'”. Jehan is a girl’s name “Jehan or Jahan” (

      [Aren’t you sorry you asked? Not to worry, haven’t had my coffee yet this morning]

      All of the above, still means little being that Blacks Americans, both Muslim and non-Muslim give their children Muslim names. My niece’s first and middle names are Muslim but she’s the furthest thing from one. (Loves her ham, ribs and is 80 proof to the max.)

      Coffee’s ready, lol.

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