How Does a Patriot Hacker Tell Time? Check this out!

How Does a Patriot Hacker Tell Time? Check this out!

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Liberty Speaks over at Lady Liberty 1885 just posted a really good article about a company called Minuteman Watch, and one of the Internet’s best know hacktivists.. It starts off:

Hacktivists are an interesting brand. They have websites, personal logo’s, unique followers, and are scattered across many social media platforms. Some use their skills for nefarious reasons, however, a select few go after those hell bent on doing harm. They’re “Patriot Hacktivists” and one was the first to take up this mission. Six years ago he became a one man wrecking ball against Jihadist websites & other online entities aiding and abetting enemies of the US. Many know him in cyberspace as The Jester. However, there’s a new “first” in the hacker community and it’s quite a patriotic collaboration.

Yep, that’s right, a very special edition JΞSTΞR ✪ ΔCTUAL watch is being released by Minuteman Watches.

The Minuteman Watch Company is American owned and each watch is built in the US with 25% of profits going to charities that help out our Veterans and their families. Here is the backstory on the company:



Grumpy Note:

A few months ago someone threatened to have the entire feminist movement try and bring down Grumpy Opinions.. I wasn’t worried, the guy was a total jackass, hell the damned feminists don’t like him anymore than I do.  But @ladyravensdc from Lady Raven’s Whisky In A Jar saw his comment and said, “That’s it, I’m bringing in Jester” and she tweeted him..

Sure enough, he was right there.. I told them I didn’t think I’d need heavy artillery to stop a single jackass, or something along those lines..

More recently his website was attacked.. he solved that pretty easily by tweeting:


To those attacking my blog, I’ve now pointed my domain to IP ur now attacking Israeli Intelligence Service (Mossad).. Good Luck

I checked the IP, just for the hell of it..  The IP address really did belong to Israeli Intelligence..  Funny how fast the attack stopped..

Back to Minuteman Watch’s  As a lot of us know, the VA isn’t working as well as it should be.. mostly due to the way it’s being run by Obama appointees.  I can’t say anything bad about the people who actually work with the patients, they care and do the best they can, but as I pointed out in a recent blog.  They’re being hamstrung by DC.  They’ve got plenty of money for solar panels, that I’ve been told aren’t working, but claim they don’t have enough to take care of our veterans.

Congress is blowing a lot of hot air about the situation, but not actually doing much of anything,  except well, what congress does best, blowing a lot of hot air..  Meantime we have Vets who are hurting..

Christmas is coming, you’ll be buying people gifts anyway.   Jester’s personally taken out dozens of jihadist websites, as well as identifying and eliminating hundreds of their twitter accounts, many belonging to Islamic State operatives. So giving him a little well deserved credit makes sense.


Some of our Veterans seriously need the help.


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