Louie Gohmert Spills His Heart: Corruption, Fraud, Deceit – 2015 Values Voter Summit

Louie Gohmert Spills His Heart: Corruption, Fraud, Deceit – 2015 Values Voter Summit

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Maggie’s Notebook

I don’t think this speech was exactly what Congressman Louie Gohmert’s (R-TX) planned for the Values Voter Summit, but when he attended the Republican Conference the same day of the speech, and Boehner announced he was resigning, seems there were things heavy on his heart, under the circumstances, that he needed to air-out. It’s not the smoothest speech I’ve heard Gohmert give, but he had a message many of us know to be true, and we must remember to remember it in technicolor. It’s long, and he wanders a bit. I’ve given a short synopsis in four points (remember, the four points are my words, not Gohmert’s). The full transcript and video are below.

1) It took Steny Hoyer (D-MD) to explain to Gohmert that the reason Boehner wouldn’t bring an emergency bill funding the military, at a time when a Continuing Resolution was expiring, was because Boehner needed all the conservatives to vote for a bad CR, and knew they would do so, to take care of our warriors. By the way, Gohmert couldn’t get 218 Republicans needed to sign-on to funding the military. What’s up with that? That’s when he had to go begging to Hoyer and got schooled on the dishonorable tactics used to wield a gavel. Shameful or disgusting? Both.



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