Cuomo Calls on Congress to Shut Down the Government

Cuomo Calls on Congress to Shut Down the Government

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Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Andrew Cuomo wants everyone’s guns. He has made it almost impossible for a legal gun owner to defend himself or herself thanks to the New York SAFE Act. He now wants the same for everyone in the country and has called on Democrats in Congress to shut down the government until national gun laws are passed.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a political speech as a eulogy at the service for his murdered aide Saturday. He compared his aide to Jesus Christ.

‘I never asked Pope Francis why Carey Gabay was taken, but then again over the past two days I heard the Pope repeatedly speak about a young man who grew up in poverty and raised himself up and lived a life of love and selflessness,’ Cuomo said. ‘A life too that was ended early….’



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