A Message to the Trump Bashers on the Right

A Message to the Trump Bashers on the Right

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BEFUNKY screenshot Donald Trump
The Right Planet by: Brent Parrish

This is going to be a direct message to the chattering class—namely, the political pundits and talking heads on the right. While I am definitely on the fence when it comes to Donald Trump, I think a number of Trump’s critics on the right are making a grave mistake by engaging in ad hominem attacks at anybody who might like what Trump is saying right now.

Now, let me be perfectly clear: I have no issue with people taking Donald Trump to task over the issues. I have many questions concerning Donald Trump’s positions (or, should I say, shifting positions?) on a number of issues confronting America right now. I’m a “yuge” proponent of healthy debate. Besides, none of us are ever going to agree with each other all of the time. As a matter of fact, if I were to gather up 12 of my most conservative friends…



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