Common Core, the Bush Klan, Damned Lies and Agenda 21

Common Core, the Bush Klan, Damned Lies and Agenda 21

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As you read Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh‘s article below, and get ready to watch the debates tonight, remember that Jeb Bush’s Father, President George H.W. Bush, signed United Nations Agenda 21 for the United States… Since then every President has implemented portions of the treaty through regulation and executive orders, none more aggressively than Barack Obama even though the treaty has never been presented to the Senate for ratification.

They’re doing it that way because, like Bush Senior, subsequent president’s realized the American people would revolt, and hang any Senator who supported it..   The scheme would wipe out every freedom guaranteed in our Constitution..  Want to know why the Federal government wants to know who has guns, there’s your answer.

I found out a little over a year ago, the blueprint for Common Core is included in Agenda 21..

Why are our children being taught what seems to be an anti-American version of history and civics, people with a strong sense of Nationalism are not going to be compliant uncomplaining subjects of a of a Global Government.  For Agenda 21 to succeed, our children must be trained to be global citizens.. or more realistically, serfs subject to the will of their United Nations and Corporate Masters..  Recently Jeb Bush, who has earned a fortune as Common Core’s lead salesman has tried claiming Common Core was a state led effort co-opted by the Department of Education..

No, It was a United Nations program, that Jeb’s father signed onto.. When Jeb looked at the scheme he quickly realized there was money to be made….


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U.N. Agenda 21 hiding behind Agenda 2030

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh | Canada Free Press

After forty years of socialist indoctrination in schools and LGBT activism, the progressive agenda is finally bearing fruit. Gloating that the Women of the Left and GLAAD were victorious over our country, a recent Rush Limbaugh caller said that our country is in such a mess right now, that Christians won’t even help their own when religious rights are trampled. The warping and destruction of our children’s minds in schools is so complete, they now think the way feminist and LGBT militants want them to think, the caller concluded.


This is an interesting goal for third world and Muslim nations where girls are not encouraged or allowed to go to school past eighth grade and are forced to marry very early in their teens. In the developed world, the globalists are dumbing down education with Common Core standards that prepare students to be collective workers, not independent thinkers, and global citizens busy-bees in large corporations. Common Core also replaces history with revisionist history, non-facts, impossible math, collectivist indoctrination, and proselytizes for Islam to the detriment of Christianity.

Since it’s impossible to make all humans equal in education outcome, by forcing them to fit one mold of education standards and testing, Common Core education ensures a generation of compliant drones who are all equally ignorant on the same textbook page.


 Still skeptical? try reading WYBI: Global Ed for All Through 2030?! then you can follow that with Common Core Goes Global and or you might want an article I wrote about the global history of Common Core about a year ago..

Common Core: State Led My A$$- Here’s the Proof

Back in 2002 the US Department of Education, with help from Bill Gates (Microsoft Corp), Steve Jobs (Apple), AOL Time Warner, Dell Computer. Cable in the Classrooms, Cisco Systems  and the National Education set up an organization called; Partnership for 21st Century Skills for short.  I originally found from a link on the teachUNICEF website.. Yep UNICEF is still part of the United Nations   The link was titled: Have you seen the Partnership for 21st Century Skills’ new report on Global Education?  Among other things I found on the site were articles titled  A Framework For State Action on Global Education and P21 has embarked on a year long project to redefine and reimagine 21st century citizenship,

So we have what appears to be a Non Government Organization, set up by some huge corporations and the US Department of Education to promote something that sounds a whole lot like Common Core on a Global Scale..

But it gets better..

I checked on the website for the  Council of Chief State School Officers,  As most of you know, the CCSSO along with the National Governors Association are the fine folks who shoved Common Core down our throats..  Between them they own all the Copyrights to Common Core.  While they like to claim 45 states approved Common Core..  The truth is only 4 state legislatures even saw the standards before the states started implementing them..  In the other 41 states the standards were approved very quietly by often un-elected state education chiefs, and state boards of education.  Most state legislators didn’t know a thing about Common Core being implemented in their states until parents started asking questions… From there I took a look at the National Governors Association site.  I didn’t happen to notice anything on either site that wasn’t already public knowledge..

So I paid a visit the the US Chamber of Commerce Education and Job Development Website… As most of you know the Chamber has spent a fortune on Pro Common Core Ads and contributions to pro Common Core Political Candidates..

Just for the hell of it I compared addresses.

The Council of Chief State School Officers  and Partnership for 21st Century Skills have exactly the same address,  right down to the office suite;  Their address is Suite 700 #One Massachusetts Ave. N.W, Washington DC.  They either share office space, and work very closely together, or they’re the same organization using different names for different purposes.  The National Governors Association is conveniently located right around the corner on North Capitol Street..Less than a block away..

Read all of Common Core: State Led My A$$- Here’s the Proof

Since I wrote that article I’ve found more evidence Common Core originated at the United Nations..

Any serious look into the history of Common Core will eventually lead you to the name Robert Muller.  Muller died in 2002 after serving as Assistant Secretary General to the United Nations for forty years.  Muller believed the only organization on the planet qualified to educate children was the United Nations..

My Dreams for Peace Education
UN Secretary General U Thant, a former school headmaster from Burma, and my spiritual master, often said to me when I was his assistant: “Robert, there will be no peace on Earth, if there is not a new education.” He was right. Robert Muller

Check out this short video that will tell you more about Muller, his dreams and ambitions and give you a better idea how far “State Led Common Core” has expanded..


If Common Core was a State Led Initiative, as Jeb Bush would have you believe, the Why The F**k was it being imposed on Scotland at the same time it was being shoved down out throats?

Did we annex Scotland and make it one of our states, without telling either the  Scots or the American people?

Since Bush sr. signed Agenda 21 for the United States, and his son George Bush’s Department of Education created the Partnership for 21st Century Skills to work with the United Nations on the creation of a Global set of Educational Standards it’s more than reasonable to assume Jeb is a damned liar when he tries claiming Common Core was a State Led Program that somehow Barack Obama Co-opted..


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And If Obama Co-opted Common Core.. Jeb was there to help

In 2011 Jeb appeared on stage in Miami Florida with Barrack Obama and Obama’s Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan to help Obama push his Education Plan for America aka Common Core

From the Tampa Bay Times

Jeb Bush’s bond with Barack Obama on education poses 2016 challenge for him

In December 2010, Duncan gave the keynote speech at Bush’s annual education summit. Bush again praised Duncan in a news release announcing the gathering, and Obama’s secretary sounded a measured note: “We recognize that the federal role is to support state and local efforts to improve education rather than dictate solutions from Washington.”

As the Bush-Obama alliance strengthened, murmurs of a federal takeover of Common Core were growing among conservative activists in good part because of Race to the Top.

Still, Bush stuck by Obama. In early 2011, the White House reached out to him to say the president was headed to Miami to do something on education and Bush suggested Miami Central Senior High School, a long dismal performer that underwent a transformation.

“Secretary Duncan, thank you for your commitment and service to our country,” Bush said on March 4 from a stage in a gym full of ecstatic students. “Without further ado, I give you the president of the United States, Barack Obama.”

Obama clasped Bush’s arms then honored him as a “champion of education reform” — not quite the hug then-Republican Gov. Charlie Crist shared with the president in 2009, but an image that will surely be fashioned into a campaign attack ad.

Read All of Jeb Bush’s bond with Barack Obama on education poses 2016 challenge for him

So if you want a President who will sell your children and Grandchildren’, body and soul to the United Nations.. and lie to your face while he’s doing it.. ….








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