L’Shana Tova: Keep on Shouting, There’s No Shame in Being Right

L’Shana Tova: Keep on Shouting, There’s No Shame in Being Right

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Maggie’s Notebook

Three years ago, my blog friend Katie Norcross (findalis at Monkey in the Middle) posted on the Festival of Rosh Hashanah. In May 2015, cancer took Katie away from us. She fought a hard battle against a vicious disease. She was former Air Force and widowed. In her post she had a music video that she shared with me, and I played it over and over. Her post and the video are below, but I want you to have the words to the song, because the song is a story.

Perhaps in a year we’ll learn to smile quietly
And not to surrender to every enemy and madman
To see clear headedly
Who’s our foe and who’s our brother
Just to have a little patience
The truth –– that’s all –– is stronger than everything

My whole life I’m always learning
How not to be afraid
And keep on shouting
That we need to learn at last
That it’s no shame
To be Right.



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