As I have done every anniversary of 9/11/01, I viewed pictures of the devastation caused by the unwarranted attacks on our country that day.


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All of the pictures, even fourteen years later, bring tears to my eyes. The ones that are the most heart-breaking, haunting and poignant are the ones showing those victims who made the decision to avoid being burned to death, who  jumped from over one hundred stories to certain death.

Even to this day, I cannot help to wonder what their thoughts were while falling to the ground. I don’t know how many seconds it would take to get to the earth but probably long enough to have some conscious thoughts. They did not know that a gaggle of Muslims, following their religious exhortations, murdered them. They, at that point, were not even aware of how, why and who attacked the Twin Towers. My hope is that their deaths were painless and, as martyrs, are now residing with God.

Then there were the infamous pictures of Muslims in other countries who danced, celebrated and reveled in their streets. They feasted and gave sweets to the children. I can’t help but believe that these children are the very ones, now, who are causing the turmoil, murder, savagery and mayhem in the Middle East. They are killing Jews, Christians and all those who disbelieve the teachings of the thug, patriarch,  Mohammad. When will we accept that we are not dealing with the “Junior Varsity” but with the “First String” that is determined to annihilate us?

There are no moderate Muslims…they are all programmed to take over and rule the world. If you don’t believe me, just read what the Prime Minister of Turkey has said more than once.
Erdogan: “There is no extreme Islam; it is all Islam.”

That tells me that all of the horrors that Muslims are committing all over the world is pure Islam and it’s hunky-dory with him and the rest of the Muslim leaders.

When you think of 9/11/01, don’t allow yourself to go from “Never Forget to “Never Mind”! We must resist bringing more Muslims into this country. We are almost at the saturation point. Obomb must not have his way to bring in more hordes to destroy us. Just look at what is happening in Germany. These hordes are NOT refugees…they are a part of an advance Army! 90% are young men; fit and well fed and well dressed. They don’t look like any real refugees I have seen before.

@:-}>  ~  Mohammad, the thug, paedophile





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