Farrakhan Threat “Justice Or Else:” Harley Dealership Pulls Support for Rally – Maybe

Farrakhan Threat “Justice Or Else:” Harley Dealership Pulls Support for Rally – Maybe

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Justice or Else Bike Ride, Nation of Islam -- still on the dealership website


Maggie’s Notebook

To quote Col. Allen West: “A little freemarket justice delivered,” maybe. Washington, D.C. Harley Davidson dealership owners, Joyce and Thomas Moorehead, announced their business would be a rallying point for blacks attending Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam “Justice or Else” bike ride on October 10th, 2015. The dealers said the rally would promote their business, before they decided not to promote their business via Farrakhan. On September 3rd, they announced they were bowing out, but look at this screen shot, taken today, 9/11/01: “Justice or Else!” That’s a threat, don’t you think? You know it is.

The dealership, located in Fort Washington, MD is owned by Joyce and Thomas Moorehead who also own a BMW/MINI dealership in Sterling, MD. Thomas Moorehead is the Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers. The Harley dealership’s general manager, Anderson Morgan, who is also black, was a speaker on a nationwide conference call The Nation of Islam conducted on July 30th for black bikers.



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