Strikers and Strike Breakers Clash
Strikers and Strike Breakers Clash

Why are Americans urged to buy mattresses and other household items on Labor Day? We celebrate, grill, eat, travel and shop on these American holidays but we rarely, if ever, look back to the origins for our festivities.

Back in the day when the American Worker was being exploited, there was a movement over this land that became Unionism. It was not the bloated, self promoting, dishonest, savage, money grubbing entity that the Union Movement became and is now. Those who began the trend were mostly workers themselves. They, in many cases, put their lives on the line and many lost their lives to the cause.

In the old days, workers were subject to the proprietors of businesses. Remember the old saying: “owned by the company store”? The owners held all of the cards…all Aces!

Workers were not allowed to complain nor were they allowed to form a group to protest unfair treatment. It was a long, bloody battle to finally allow the American Worker to have a say in how he was treated on the job.

It was not until 1938 when Franklin Roosevelt signed off that Labor/Trade Unions were legal in the United States. Before that, men, women and children as well, were exploited by those who owned the businesses, factories and stores. Unsafe environments, long hours with no breaks, firing without cause, and on and on.

So, OK, go ahead and celebrate, grill, eat, travel and shop. Buy a sofa, a dining room suite or a mattress but do think about and reflect upon those who paved the way, with their lives, for your ease and enjoyment.


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