UC Irvine student government leader: American flag equals ‘hate speech’

UC Irvine student government leader: American flag equals ‘hate speech’

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Victoer Skinner

EAG News

IRVINE, Calif. – “There is a flag that has divided a nation and pit brother against brother. When this flag was brazenly put up on the campus of University of California Irvine, one brave student finally said enough and took a stand,” political satirist Ami Horowitz narrated in a recent Fox News video.

The set up for Horowitz’ latest episode of Ami on the Street alludes to the recent national focus on the Confederate flag and push to remove it and other tributes to the Old South from public view. But the clip isn’t about the Confederate flag, it’s about UC Irvine student government leader Matthew Guevara, who recently spearheaded a successful resolution to ban the American flag from a student lounge on campus.



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