Obama Contemplates His Naval

Obama Contemplates His Naval

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“Look, there’s Obama on another TV show. And there’s Obama with a salmon. Pay no attention to the Chinese warships off the coast. They’re just probably dropping by to collect interest payments … Just part of the renewed international respect for the appeaser-in-chief. That’s what diplomatic success looks like, right? When a foreign enemy parks his warships off your coast on your visit.” (Now China Can See Alaska from its Warships)


Okay, so the Chinese incursion occurred closer to Russia than Anchorage.  Still,

The PLAN ships moving through the Aleutians would be the legal equivalent of a U.S. destroyer moving through the strait separating mainland China from Hainan Island…

But according to the Salmon-Handler-In-Chief, the biggest threat facing America is global warming … uh, ‘climate change.’

Obama told some whoppers the size of Mt. McKinley (I mean Denali) about global warming while he was here in Alaska. At a climate change conference in Anchorage, Obama attempted to scare the long-johns off Alaskans he obviously thinks are stupid when he predicted coming “submerged countries, abandoned cities… entire industries of people who can’t practice their livelihoods, desperate refugees seeking the sanctuary of nations not their own, and political disruptions that could trigger multiple conflicts around the globe.” Honestly, it sounded like he was describing the effects of his policies thus far, but I won’t go there. (Obama’s Alaska Global Warming Field Trip)





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