Dana Loesch on Progressive Hate and their Frankenstein Monster

Dana Loesch on Progressive Hate and their Frankenstein Monster

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In her monologue Wednesday, “This Is A Bad Day For America” Dana Loesch/The Blaze called out the nasty hateful racist rhetoric from Communists that flooded social media in support of WDBJ On-Air shooter, Bryce Williams/Vester Lee Flanagan, mostly under the hashtag #Blacklivesmatter.

Leading the hate, as usual was DeRay McKesson, leader of Black Lives Matter, paid Soros puppet. DeRay who at first assumed that the WBDJ On-Air shooter was a Caucasian male posted and later deleted this tweet which he now denies (the assumption), of course.  (See, Twitchy, ‘Mega-FAIL’: DeRay McKesson deletes tweet, backpedals after realizing #WDBJ shooter not white)

screenshot deray mckesson hateful tweet 002

Progressives from the White House down to the Department of Justice down to the mainstream media, grievance industry and George Soros’ many paid agent provocateurs own this.  Shamefully they have no remorse for the seeds sown nor will they admit to having the blood of Alison Park and Adam Ward on their hands.

They created their own Frankenstein monster which born the likes of Bryce Williams aka Vester Lee Flanagan.

bryce williams final tweets


It is as with everything that comes after on their heads.



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