The feed-back I get from my Liberal friends is a little disheartening. They all dis and mock the Republicans because there are numerous contenders for the top spot in our government. Well, ya know, we have lots of good people who want to set this country back on its track for prosperity.


Just look at the pathetic line-up that the Democrats have to offer. There’s an old fart who openly calls himself a socialist. As though we need or want that for the head of our government. Then there is a frightened weenie who skittered and skattered on the stage giving a speech when a heckler badgered him for saying “all lives matter”. He waffled and apologised, groveled and floundered to the bullies. In my opinion, all lives do matter…whether black, white or any other color. Human life should matter to us all. The final name on the Lib roster is the known criminal, murder participant, money grubbing, dishonest, bag of wind whom the feminists will vote for simply because she’s a female.

Those three pitiful specimens are the sum total of what the Democrats have to offer. I wouldn’t hire any one of them to clean my toilet much less promote as the head of the greatest nation on earth. We have many serious, grave, urgent and pressing problems to be solved. I can’t imagine putting any of these creatures in charge.

In fairness, we must take a look at the Republican line-up. At last count, there were 17. Each one has something good to offer. No, none, not even one, is perfect but put up against the Democrat roster, they come out on top.

I haven’t made a final choice but I have narrowed it down to four. It is very early in the game to lock onto a definite selection. With the exception of, maybe, two or three, given a choice, I’d vote for any of them.

Just this morning, I read that Al Gore is being urged by his party to run, again, for president. That opens a whole new can of worms or even a current “Pandora’s Box”. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw a grand piano. He’s a fraud and a sneaky rat. He sold his TV station to some slimy Muslims for big bucks, he did not, in spite of his claims, invent the internet, and he’s a fake climate freak….with his huge killowatt gobbling mansion.

It is my opinion that a re-tread is maybe OK on your automobile but not to put into the Oval Office.



I deserve a well earned slap on the wrist & 40 lashes with a wet noodle for leaving out “Uncle Joe” from the Democrat line-up. How could I have omitted him? He’s the nuttiest of them all. His advice to women: If you are threatened by a rapest, shoot a few rounds from your shot gun to scare him away.—Alphamom




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  1. I watched in disbelief as the libtard media put the American voter asleep in 2008 (of course with the aid of the country club Republican establishment). So nothing surprises me. The fact there is even one American that thinks Killary would make a decent president highlights the idiocy many of us cannot seem to fathom. I am thinking this entire scam of politics is orchestrated to create intentional chaos in the hearts and minds. To you and I the entire Democrat party offers what is about as welcome as a venereal disease. I said it long ago and I will say it again: The GOP are carrying knives to a gunfight. Until the extreme voter fraud, and turn out the votes, is addressed the elections are a farce. The segmented voter demographics are finely targeted by the marxists. The GOP still thinks they will win just because they should. I think that is Trump’s main appeal. He does not play by the media script and, maybe more importantly, I think many of us would be interested in seeing him turn DC on its collective head. He is the only one so far that seems inclined to do so. Of course Cruz would probably be of concern to the marxist rats in DC. Like you said. Anyone’s guess at this point but this is yet another election approaching where any one of the GOP candidates would be significantly better for America than the pos in office now or anyone from the marxist, I mean Democrat, side of the house.

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