Daily, we see news of atrocities being committed all over the world. Not a day goes by that we are not given information that the Muslims have beheaded, tortured, burned alive, raped, crucified, buried alive, drowned or otherwise done unspeakable barbarian acts toward innocent peoples who do not conform to their shariah laws, reject their “religion of peace”, mock Mohammad or leave Islam.




Whole regions and countries are being over-run by these savages. In my opinion, Europe is in the last stages of demise. We see France, England, Holland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy being taken over and mob- ruled by the barbaric Muslims…forget Sweden, it’s lost.

Does anyone think that when the Muslims have acquired control of the continent of Europe, that they will stop there? If so, I have some beach front property in Phoenix and a slightly used span bridge in San Francisco to sell. If you’ve paid attention to the news during the past fourteen/fifteen years, since September 11, 2001, they’ve already started on the defeat of the western hemisphere. The United States as well as Canada, have been and are under siege from the brutal barbarity of the ignorant, inhuman, feral Muslims. They don’t care how long it takes to destroy us…they’ve been working on their agenda for decades. Muslims have been infiltrating this country by sending students to study in our universities and sending immigrants to settle here. It is just recently that they’ve become vocal, demanding and exigent.

In view of what is happening all over Europe and in Asia as well, isn’t it past time to resume the job that the crusaders failed to finish? The pope of that time, Urban II, financed the Knights Templar and sent them out to rid the world of Islam. They quit before the job was done! It’s up to us to carry on the Crusades and make this world safe again.

It’s time to re-arm and suit up the Modern Knights Temp and send them out to take back our world. Don’t expect any help from this pope; he’s too busy promoting himself, praising communism, bashing Capitalism and kissing Muslim butt.



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