Meet Corey: Trump’s Right Hand Man

Meet Corey: Trump’s Right Hand Man

- in Opinionated News, Progress Rose


July 2015, New York, NY.  The above interview features Corey, who is Trump’s Campaign Manager, being interviewed.

He says people illegally here have NO RIGHT to be here, and brings the conversation back to protecting and helping the American People, NOT trespassers who constantly want to make this dialogue about THEM and their whiny wants.

He also cites Attrition Through Enforcement, which is a concept that has been in our Movement for years, but, the bottom line is this:  If you are illegally in the U.S., you have to LEAVE!  We don’t owe illegals anything.

With staffers like Corey behind Trump, we ARE “Making America Great Again”.  Thank you for speaking up for U.S.!

The illegal alien “better life” is costing U.S. ours.

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