Our old friend, Donald Trump, got into a heap of trouble a couple of weeks ago. He made truthful remarks concerning the illegal Mexican influx of invaders who pay no attention to legal borders.
There is no valid reason for having a sovereign country without borders. We are defined by our boundaries; both the southern and the northern borders. There has never been a problem for us at the northern frontier; it has always been the invasion from the south that has kept the pot boiling and the American people stirred up.

All of the borders between European countries are strictly adhered to. There are guards at each crossing who check on who is crossing, what their reason is to cross the border to the other country, they check passports and ask questions. Throughout the centuries, wars and conflicts have redefined borders of countries. I have friends in Europe who speak Italian, German and French because at some time in history, the borders changed and areas became part of another country.

As you all probably know, Mexico did not always belong to Mexicans. The Aztecs and other tribes were the indiginous peoples and had control of it. The Conquistadors from Spain took it over from the Aztecs because they had superior weapons. Much of what is now southwestern United States came under the crown of Spain. The king of Spain gave parts of it as gifts and bribes and were known as Spanish Land Grants.

I suppose, at one time, before and shortly after 1835, when Texas fought Mexico for independence, the border was porous. There must have been a lot of migration from the south. Texas became a separate republic before it became the twenty-eighth state to join the Union. So, once the border was established between Mexico and the American states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, we were effectively separated geographically from the country of Mexico.

Friend, Donald, has suggested that we close and guard our southern border. Not a bad idea. It should have been done many years ago. He has promised to get the job done if he becomes our next POTUS.

Why not? Look at what the Chinese did. The Great Wall of China is one of the wonders of our world. They began working on the project as far back as 300 BC. It was begun to keep the marauding Mongol savages from the north from invading their territory. We can do no less to prevent the Mexican savages from coming in from the South.


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