US Southern Border: Camera Folly, Extortion and Deceit

US Southern Border: Camera Folly, Extortion and Deceit

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Maggie’s Notebook

I’ve been researching the ineffective, broken, and purposefully turned-off cameras and other surveillance techniques along our southern border. In 2010, the Washington Post (link below) referred to the Government Accountability Office auditing arm, stating that “the government rushed to use off-the-shelf equipment without adequate testing . . . police dispatching software that was not able to process the vast flow of information streaming from the desert, and other technical problems plagued cameras and radar.”

Snippets from Arizona and New Mexico ranchers via Arizona Daily Independent, April 2, 2014 (read the entire article here.) Both men say they “do not fault individual agents. The problem is “no discipline, no accountability,” and union control.” Agents have been pulled back about 25 miles from the border.”

● His ranch is “completely surrounded by Border Patrol infrastructure: a steel wall, “the whole ranch has permanent cameras, 300 ground sensors on my ranch,…” The government has spent $40 million on his ranch and, “nothing changed since 23 years ago.”

● Reporter Loretta Hunnicutt: In the last 25 months, 46 truckloads of drugs have come through ravaging his land . . . The cartels simply cut through the steel mesh fence. So far, only one truck has been stopped on his [Ladd’s] land.

Read the story of a cartel driver who drove through Ladd’s property, after a his crew constructed his own rock road, “right under a Border Patrol camera that wasn’t working . . . No one believes that the broken camera was a coincidence.”



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