A New Low in the Faux Progressive Outrage against Donald Trump

A New Low in the Faux Progressive Outrage against Donald Trump

BEFUNKY TrumpvMcCain


It began Saturday afternoon after the Progressive establishment of both parties ceased upon another raison d’être to destroy Donald Trump and the Republican Party along with him, this time because of an alleged statement by the billionaire about John McCain, i.e., that Trump insulted John McCain (maybe but then Trump is giving back as good as he gets) and all veterans (not).

Faux Outrage

Ironically enough, it is Progressives who despise the Vietnam War, turned their backs on and for more than four decades have attacked our troops and veterans that served in Vietnam and every war before and after who are ALLEGEDLY AND SELECTIVELY outraged?

All of a sudden, they give a damn about John McCain, our veterans?

It is Progressive politicians who have for decades spearheaded the disarmament and decline of financial and health resources that our soldiers, veterans and their families have earned and deserve who is ALLEGEDLY AND SELECTIVELY outraged?

Please STOP.

Trump responded (sort of) Saturday during a Q&A session at the Family Leadership Summit 2015 to questions posed by host and establishment guy, Frank Luntz. However, as I watched the Q&A session more than once, I wondered if I was watching the same interview that has the mainstream media and Progressives displaying faux outrage.


I am annoyed that of all the speakers, many of whose Q&A session are worthy of mention that only Trump has made the news cycle. I am so done with the mainstream media and their diversions. Will post those later.


Journalist, Sharyl Attkisson this morning took the mainstream media to task for their talking points fact checking a Washington Post article, which began with the sentence, “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump slammed Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a decorated Vietnam War veteran, on Saturday by saying McCain was not a war hero because he was captured by the North Vietnamese.”

Fact Check: The Washington Post on Donald Trump and John McCain, by Sharyl Attkisson.

… Is this report accurate?

In fact, Trump’s actual quote is the opposite of what is presented in the Post’s first sentence.


1. The Post did not provide context at the outset disclosing that McCain and Trump have been feuding, with McCain characterizing some Trump supporters as ‘crazies’ and Trump stating that McCain graduated last in his class in Annapolis….

Read full article

While the media reports that Trump backtracked his remarks about John McCain, left out of the reporting as pointed out by Attkisson is the fact that Trump actually “modified his statement saying– four times…” during Saturday’s Q&A session that “McCain is a war hero.”

Below is the Q&A Session with Donald Trump in its entirety that has sparked so much faux outrage from the media and Progressive establishment.



Examples of Progressive hypocrisy and faux outrage:

Anti-Vietnam War Protest at Pentagon - Protester offering MP a flower Date: October 21, 1967 (Department of Defense - National Archives public domain).
Anti-Vietnam War Protest at Pentagon – Protester offering MP a flower Date: October 21, 1967 (Department of Defense – National Archives public domain).


Above is a photograph dating back to 1967 of Communist protesters demanding an end to the Vietnam War. Decades later, they have held on to their anti-USA, anti-war stance yet many are among those this minute unleashing misplaced ire against Donald Trump.

Below is a photograph of two articles (links at bottom of post) from Salon Magazine who from the date of the articles are doing back flips in their desperation to stop Trump.


BE FUNKY screenshotliberalantiwarsalonarticlein2014attackonrepublicanslabelingthemracist2015


You have probably heard by now that part of Trump’s statement, i.e., McCain “was a war hero because he was captured…I like people who weren’t captured” came from Chris Rock who used the line during a 2008 HBO Special. H/t Bill O’Reilly, the O’Reilly Factor.

You can view the skit here. Rock begins his schtick about McCain and Palin at 3:15 of video. Warning: Raw language.

While some may disagree, that is one’s prerogative but I will say it again, Trump is not a Republican.

That, of course, will not impede Trump’s detractors, many of whom themselves or their parents are guilty of using college as an escape route to avoid going to Vietnam.

Because of their disdain for Trump, capitalism and the Republican Party Progressive hypocrites are setting up the next chess piece to attack Trump for doing that which they themselves are guilty.





Image source: Courtesy of Department of Defense, National Archives, public domain.





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