Run, run Donald, run!!!

Run, run Donald, run!!!

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At this juncture in time, unless you’ve been spending time on Mars or another planet in our galaxy, you know that Donald Trump is running for POTUS of this country. How can anyone not know? He’s been all over us like a wet T-shirt.

Not only is he enjoying legitimate coverage but the Big Guns have been dragged out and have him in their cross-hairs. All of the Biggies have been unleashed on him. The socialists and crony capitalists are smelling blood and making him a target for their vitriol. More than any of the other GOP hopefuls, he’s been targeted to bring him down.

I don’t know anyone in my circle who approves of the waves of illegal invaders coming across the southern border in droves. The latest intel I’ve gleaned tells us that our national debt is over eighteen trillion dollars, we have an overloaded welfare system and jobs, even the menial ones, are scarce. Why would we want to import more free-loaders?

Why has The Donald become the scapegoat for expressing the very opinions of the majority of Americans. Well, one answer is that there are entities here in the states as well as in some foreign countries who are afraid of Donald Trump. They know that he has a good chance of winning the election. If the time comes that he is elected POTUS, then it’s “curtains” for a lot of them. The Donald will start “cleaning house” the day after being sworn in. The liars, the cheaters, the skimmers, the swindlers and the frauds will be exposed and expunged.

Most of the elected officials in Washington are fronting and covering something either in their past or some of their current activities. Somehow, certain entities have learned of these anomalies and they are profiting by them. The Rinos and the swindlers are being blackmailed to either vote for or against an issue or to “stand down” when advised. Why else would we be seeing the antics of Boehner, McConnell and Kennedy? We don’t know exactly who owns them but we know that they ARE owned.

The Donald has enough of his own money that he can thumb his nose and flip the bird at any of them who even try to control him. He’s no longer the joke candidate…he’s for real.

I don’t know that he is my final choice, it’s too early to commit, but I’d welcome an “unowned and honest POTUS” in the Oval Office.


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I'm 100% American w/ Italian heritage. I'm proud of both but glad my Italian parents chose to hop that boat to the USA! Fluent in English, Italian & pig latin (JK), Pretty good in Spanish & not so good in German. Interested in sewing, garment designing, home decor & politics. Used to be a LLL (lunatic liberal lefty) but Beesting helped me to get on the "right" team.

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