A New Federal Crime: Train Riding While Black

A New Federal Crime: Train Riding While Black

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A New Federal Crime: Train Riding While Black


If I had to pick a government policy that would be most upsetting to our Founding Fathers, I’d be tempted to pick the income tax. Or maybe some useless agency, such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

After all, surely the Founders didn’t envision – or want – today’s Leviathan government in Washington.

But I also know I’m biased since I work on fiscal policy issues.

So upon further reflection, I think the policy that would be most horrifying to the Founding Fathers is so-called civil asset forfeiture, a.k.a., theft by government.

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  1. bobmontgomery

    And so where are Obama and Holder/Lynch while innocent, truly innocent Blacks are being terrorized by FEDERAL officers? Oh, they’re out there carping about LOCAL police and their interactions with REAL criminals. One more indication that Obama/Holder/Lynch/Sharpton and the rest of the racialist scum could actually care LESS about their brothers and sisters. They are liars. Contemptible, corrupt, scum-of-the-earth liars only interested in power and money and the destruction of the most free, most generous, most prosperous, and most inclusive society the world has ever known.
    It is up to THE STATES to get federal agents OUT of their jurisdictions and to sue on behalf of their own citizens for violations of the Fourth Amendment.

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