Israeli Election result… Bibi Wins, Obama Loses Big

Israeli Election result… Bibi Wins, Obama Loses Big

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Hey, you guys…Good News for a change on the world stage.

I know that some of you lean to the Left and some of you lean to the Right. In this instance, “leaning directions” really don’t matter. It’s good news for the world.

The latest news from the only democracy in the Middle East is that “Our Bibi” has been re-elected! For that miracle, we humbly thank our Heavenly Father. He must have pulled a few strings, called in some IOUs, and made some “spirited” deals. The reason I think that is because there was wide-spread voter fraud going on over there in Israel so our Hashem had to step in to neutralize the evil so that the good would rise to the top.

I wonder, since the way the O-bomb was re-elected for a second term, if perhaps he might have sent over a contingent of his thugs, henchmen/women and election goons to see if he could take control of the election of the Prime Minister to oust his enemy, Bibi Netanyahu. Now, the crooked, cunning, cheating POS in the White House knows he’s no match for a salutary, straight, sincere man who has the backing of Hashem and of his fellow countrymen.

We must be friends with at least one country in the Middle East that will see and evaluate the events there that will be to our advantage. Those who can’t see, or are not willing to see the threat that Iran imposes, not only on the immediate area around them but here too, are just singing the song of the pacifists …look back to what Nevil Chamberlin led England into…”Peace in Our Time” morphed into the blitzkrieg and devastation of London, its people and their way of life. Thank God for Winston Churchill and for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


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  1. i am sure glad i am nowhere near the boy dictator while he is stomping his feet, i wonder if the thought of having a mossaud fellow greet af-1 crossed bibi’s mind (as a welcoming gesture of course).

    1. Don’t laugh.. the Egyptians made Kerry go through a metal detector before they let him near President Sisi….

      Later they said the security team was new and didn’t understand diplomatic protocol.

      A pigs @$$ they didn’t. I’ll bet Sisi told ’em too just to embarrass Hanoi John.

      1. well, certainly chicken john wouldn’t carry a firearm…. so no danger there, but his security detail should have not been allowed off the plane.

  2. I would like to know how much US Tax dollars was directed by the OBama corrupt administration to fight against Bibi. The evil has taken over.

    1. Good question,, I think Congress is setting up a committee to try and find out..

    2. it is all conjecture at this point, but one of the sites i saw stated a number in the millions, less than $100m…..

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