More Common Core Corruption Exposed

More Common Core Corruption Exposed

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Last week Missouri Education Watchdog reported a couple items that have to make you wonder if it’s time to just walk away from our public education system altogether.

Don’t misunderstand me, public education is a great concept, it helped build this country and it’s a necessity if the United States is going to continue to be a global leader.  I’m talking about walking away from a system that’s been corrupted by Common Core, Multinational Corporations, Anti American Idealists, Teacher’s Unions and more than a few power hungry politicians.  That system is no longer in America’s best interests.

The Chamber of Commerce and several big multinationals were involved with Common Core long before anyone outside of a few elitists knew it existed.  One example would be the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has been giving millions to the Council of Chief Stated School Officers for over a decade.  The total is now over $60,000,000.00 to an organisation Common Core supporters claimed was proof Common Core was a state let initiative.   You can buy a lot of initiative for that kind of cash.  They’ve also given over $5,000,000.00 to Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education.

Another company that’s been involved right from the start is the British educational publishing giant Pearson. (Pearson’s contributed to Bush’s foundation also)

Yesterday, after reading Gretchen Logue’s MEW Post  Pearson Spying on Student Private Social Media Accounts to Determine if PARCC Information is Being Leaked. I visited Bob Braun’s website.  Braun retired from the Newark Star Ledger after thirty years as the paper’s Education Editor.  He’s the one who first broke the story on his website. It start’s off with:

Pearson, the multinational testing and publishing company, is spying on the social media posts of students–including those from New Jersey–while the children are taking their PARCC, statewide tests, this site has learned exclusively. The state education department is cooperating with this spying and has asked at least one school district to discipline students who may have said something inappropriate about the tests. This website discovered the unauthorized and hidden spying thanks to educators who informed it of the practice–a practice happening throughout the state and apparently throughout the country.

Read all of: Pearson, NJ, spying on social media of students taking PARCC tests (Expect the page to load very, very slowly.  I’ll explain below)

According to the story, which goes into the details, if student’s talk about Pearson, or Pearson’s tests to their online friends, Pearson is demanding local school boards punish the children.  You can’t rationally expect people not to talk about a difficult test that may be critical to their future with other people who’ve taken the same test..  These kids are being censored by a UK based, multinational corporation using the power of government to enforce their rules.

If that’s not bad enough, shortly after publishing the story, Bob Braun’s website got knocked off line by a massive Denial of Service Attack.  Although his site is back up, his article  Pearson, NJ, spying on social media of students taking PARCC tests is still taking several minutes to load and may time out before you get to see it.  It took me three tries this morning.  I suspect his host is intentionally slowing the page’s load time to help deter another  DOS Attack.

Regardless of Pearson’s obvious motive, it’s impossible to say for sure who is behind the attack.  Generally DOS attacks are launched from dozens of different servers  scattered in different countries around the world.  The servers are registered under disposable domain names, so when one server gets shut down for abuse the attackers simply get a new one from another company using another name.

The other scandal Gretchen reported on involved the SBAC and AIR (American Institutes for Research).  For those who don’t know, SBAC and PARCC are the two Consortium set up by the Obama Administration to implement and administer Common Core state standards.  Like Pearson, AIR is a testing company that works with both consortium.

On Thursday March 11, Gretchen wrote a report titled: m “NO SBAC ANYTHING for your kids! Do you hear me? I’M SHOUTING! That starts off with:

WARNING,GRAPHIC PICS! I’m sorry for posting these pics but it’s better that you see them here before your 12 yr. old child sees them in class.

This information was shared by a California teacher. This is from **ancillary materials (see below)** for a 6th grade ELA performance task provided by Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium called, “Inventions classroom activity.” Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and American Institutes of Research (AIR) are the makers of the new CAASPP test with practice assessments and performance tasks already underway for your child unless you OPT your child OUT of this test, today! AIR is one of the largest behavioral and social science research organizations in the world. They developed the psychometric testing in the SBAC/CAASPP. Who here believes the lie that materials like this are just bad common core implementation and poor curriculum? Did we pay SBAC $360 million for this? This is not an accident. This test is the reason why we adopted common core in California. Follow the pics in order to get to the cited source of the oddee.comwebsite which shows these pics on the right side bar.

Read all of NO SBAC ANYTHING for your kids! Do you hear me? I’M SHOUTING!

What kind of pictures got Gretchen so worked up?  Here’s one example, she has several more.


download (31)


Remember, this came off an educational website, designed for 12 year old’s and affiliated with a company that has contracts which involve billions of taxpayer dollars..

At some point we have to admit that our public education system’s beyond repair and needs to be scrapped.  It worked well until the Federal Government go involved.  Maybe we need to go back to what worked instead of continuing to try and fix what we’ve got now.




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  1. The public school idea has gone to far Yes, education is good and allowing any and all that can an opportunity to get an education is great, however, I cannot see it any where in the Constitution of the USA. If we would have stuck with the rules as they were layed out,
    we would not have gotten into this jam.

    The constitution has been changed, rigged, mis-interpreted and on and on and on.

    I only see one option to make the correction without a civil war,
    A Lottery Selection system instead of a voting election system. Elections always go to corruption, that is why the constitution had it that only land owners could vote. Not the changes do not even look like the original document.
    So, if we put in a LOTTERY SELECTION system, the elite’s will lose their corrupt foot hold, we will all be in one party, thousands of people will put their name in the selection pool and we will get a good representation of the people.

    And when the elite’s say, our way or we kill you, the selection people will say, HEY, this fella says that if I do not do as they say they will kill me and it will be all over the news. Unlike today, where the elites control it all and one must do as they are told or they secretly get kiled. That is why all of our elected officials see the corruption through out the government and they do nothing because they are all in on it.

    1. The US Constitution does not set any requirement for voting.. That was left up to the states. Originally most of them did have a provision saying that only property owners could vote. Land was cheap then, and there was a lot of it.. People who didn’t own land tended to move west where it was even cheaper and they could almost just claim it..

      Lawyers started playing games with the Constitution before the ink was dry on the parchment. Any country that allows lawyers to write their laws will eventually get the government they deserve… and they won’t like it.

      Civil war we don’t want.. they almost never end the way anyone hoped, and get a lot of people killed in the process.

      As for the lottery.. It’s been said we’d have a better government if we just randomly picked names out of a phone book

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