A word to the “not so wise”…

A word to the “not so wise”…

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Is the faux POTUS wily or just a dumb ass? Does he just flounder about, doing stupid things or does he really have a master plan to destroy this country? I’d like to offer him some advice that is plain sensible.

When fighting a war, don’t just use bb guns and spit wads. If it’s war, use the means to win it, finish off quickly and save lives.

Also, it makes no sense to be fighting a war but send arms, supplies and equipment to your enemies to be used against you. Quit aiding our enemies.

We think that as a head of a major government, you should speak up against the slaughter of Christians and Jews in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Why does a person such as yourself, who has dozens of advisers, interpreters and readers, have to resort to reading the newspapers to find out what is going on in this country? Instead, you might consider using your advisers for current news.

Most of the American citizens think it was sheer stupidity on your part to trade five vicious terrorists for a treasonous deserter. You never should have done that.

Why are heads of government agencies (IRS & VA) allowed to harass honest citizens? You could stop that practice!

Most of the American people think that you should hook up with those countries that are against our enemies and wish to be our allies. It would be to our advantage to be friends with Israel, Egypt, Jordan and a few others who are intent on stopping the savagery of ISIS.

I think it would be better if you stopped claiming to be a Christian but still you favor the beastly Islam. It does nothing but confuse Americans.

You should quit telling Americans to tighten our belts and suck it up but you, your wife and daughters spend our money freely on luxury trips and social occasions in the White House.

We think that you should quit using Al Sharpton as sn adviser. He is nothing but a phony, a fraud and a race hustler. He’s a “shakedown artist” who has made millions from intimidating and threatening companies. Your IRS thugs should take him down for the $1.4mil he owes in taxes.

We think that you and your “race goons” should clear out of Ferguson and allow them to solve their problems without “help” from superthug, Eric Holden.

It would be better if you were to publish an HONEST reckoning of the unemployment in the country instead of trying to dupe us into believing that all’s well. We know the true percentage from other reliable sources.

The majority of Americans do not agree with your policies on “immigration”. We, as a nation, are in deep do-do financially. There is no way on earth that we can absorb that many extra people and provide all benefits for them. The American worker is taxed to death. Whatever blood that was in the turnip has been squeezed out.

There were many fine presidents before you…Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Ike Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, just to name a few. It would have been great if I were able to add your name to the list but, no chance.

Since Teddy Roosevelt was mentioned, I’d like to add that when he famously said: “Talk softly but carry a big stick”. He didn’t mean a golf club.






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