WTF? Why The Hell is Boehner Still Speaker?

WTF? Why The Hell is Boehner Still Speaker?

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In November 2014 voters gave the Republican Party the biggest majority they’d had since 1928, and one assignment:  Stop the unconstitutional actions of Barack Obama..




On March 3, 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu gave an historic speech to the United States Congress.  When he was done, Speaker of The House John Boehner, along with 75 Republican Conspirators  and all of the House Democrats passed a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security that legitimized the most Illegal, Unconstitutional and possibly treasonous action any President of the United States has ever attempted. All but 167 out of 435 House Members violated the oath of office they’d taken two months before and agreed to finance Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional Amnesty.

The 167 Members who voted with the Constitution, National Security and the wishes of the American People were all Republicans.  More than two thirds of the Speakers own party voted against him and to keep the promise they, and the Speaker Boehner had made to the American people.

In any world outside of Washington DC, the first logical move the 167 Republicans would have made after the vote, would have been to replace Boehner as Speaker.  The vote made it pretty obvious he was siding against the Constitution, the American People and the wishes of his Members.

When I woke up this morning and found Boehner was still Speaker, I started thinking about how we got to where we are..

Last November, almost before all the votes were counted, Boehner, who the week before had promised to fight the Presidents amnesty “Tooth and Nail” was already wavering.

Then in December, he pushed through a bill that would fully fund the government for a year, with the exception of Homeland Security, which included Obama’s Amnesty.

Homeland Security was only funded until the end of February.  Boehner promised that in February he’d use the power of the purse to put an end to Obama’s scheme to flood our borders with illegal Aliens..

Voters started realizing they’d been swindled.  Polls show that 70% of them wanted Boehner gone as Speaker, ousted from the GOP and handed a bus ticket back to Ohio.

January 3rd, Opening day of the 114th Congress rolled around, and in-spite fo what the voters wanted, only 25 Republicans voted against Boehner’s re-election as Speaker.  I remember thinking at the time, if 70% of the reps did what 70% of the voters wanted, instead of 25, the number of votes against Boehner should have been around 170.  So much for listening to the base.

Tuesday, Boehner justified his surrender by saying the Senate refused to do the right thing and he couldn’t endanger National Security by shutting down the Department Homeland Security..

He’s right about the Senate, Harry Reid growled and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell dropped to his knees faster than a two dollar crack whore, and gave Harry Reid and his Democrats plenty to smile about.

He’s lying about Homeland Security being shutdown.  DHS was never in danger of being shutdown.  During a government shutdown essential personnel continue to work, only non-essential personnel are laid off, of the over 230,000 people employed by DHS, less than 20,000 are deemed non-essential.  Not much of a shutdown, barely a slowdown.  Jeh Johnson might have had to pick up his own suits at the cleaners and the rest of the political appointees might have to empty their own trash cans.  Worst case scenario DHS might have had to cut back on their anti conservative propaganda a little.

But core operations would have continued.  The Border Patrol and ICE would still be doing their jobs, hampered more by Obama’s edicts and Johnson’s policies then by the shutdown.

There might have been some paycheck delays for employees, but I suspect they’d be fixed pretty quickly..

All the crap the democrats were spouting about closing down Homeland Security was nothing more than bullshit scare tactics, yet only a few Republicans pointed that out.  Why?

The Republican Leadership had the Legal and Constitutional high ground as well as the support of the American People, but they surrendered?  Why?

The 167 Members who voted against Boehner, could have easily prevented him from becoming Speaker and packed someone with the backbone to stand up to Pelosi and Obama, but they didn’t.  Why?  Boehner killed the last bit of credibility the the Republican had after McConnell got of his knees and went into hiding. But he’s still Speaker.  Why?  Those two details make me wonder how many of the 167 votes were nothing more than show votes so members could claim they tried to stop Boehner from selling out our Constitution and National security.

These are questions that won’t get answered, because the answers would likely mean the end of the Republican Party. Don’t forget, the pro amnesty Chamber of Commerce  gave the GOP Establishment $54,000.000.00 last year to kill the Conservative Movement.

Maybe it’s time for Conservatives to kill the Republican Party, if they lose their voter base, the Chamber of Commerce won’t waste money on them..

A lot of Conservatives will tell you you if we kill the GOP we won’t have anything to keep the democrats from selling out America..

My answer is simple:  The way it stands now, we don’t have anything to keep the Democrats from selling out America.  To quote Hillary Clinton:  “What difference at this point does it make?”

It’s time, past time for a new political party.



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  1. Kevin O'Kelley

    RE: “Why The Hell is Boehner Still Speaker?”
    Because the Democrats support him. They would prefer a Democrat, but when Conservative Republicans moved to remove him as speaker, Democrats protected him. Clearly it would be in the Democrats best interest to let the Tea Party Republicans take over. Even an open fight would be a good tactical move. But Speaker Boehner supports their positions most of the time and will surrender faster than the French army the rest of the time, so supporting Boehner makes sense in the long-term.

    There is one party in America: the Establishment Party.

    1. The Establishment “Globalist” Party…

      Kissinger once said regionalization is necessary before globalization can be accomplished.. Supporters of the North American Union belive if they flood the country with illegals, we will have no choice except to accept the fact we have no choice..

  2. My personal theory is that the Dept of Homeland Security secretly seized the first born of all Rep. Members of Congress and are holding them in a dungeon under the Red Shed (previously known as the White House).

    Of course I’m probably giving them a better excuse than they deserve.

    I’m amused by those who now say that the revelations about Hilliary’s private Email server mean she won’t be the Dem Candidate in 2016. To those people I ask, explain Barry’s two terms? He was the test case, if they could elect him, they can elect anybody. The machine is in place and still works, smash the machine. Then we’ll talk.

  3. they all should be arrested and spread over Fire Ant mounds and staked down

  4. patriotism-matters
    Has a ring to it, yes?

    1. sure does

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