How Obama Rules in Secret

How Obama Rules in Secret

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Sara Noble  Independent Sentinel

Do you think it’s only through Executive Orders that Mr. Obama is fundamentally transforming our nation? It’s not. He’s ruling by memo, rule changes, policy directives and guidance issuances. The president has been doing it since 2009 to escape notice. Though just as powerful, they don’t have the same public oversight, allowing him to operate in relative secrecy.

USA Today and other media outlets finally caught up to the Sentinel’s July article explaining how Obama rules. His use of seemingly innocuous memos and directives is insidious and goes under the radar. It’s easier for him to pretend he isn’t fundamentally changing the agencies of government to be powerful arms of the executive and not the people through memos.

Combining Obama’s executive orders with presidential memorandums adds up to more executive actions than any other president since Truman to date and they are more serious because they are fundamentally and permanently transformative.



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