Ferguson – 25 Structure fires, shots fired at firefighters

Ferguson – 25 Structure fires, shots fired at firefighters

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Black Friday shopping started early in Ferguson last night as looters robbed stores and then burned them to the ground.  The Ferguson Meat Market was looted for the 3rd time since police officer Darren Wilson  shot and killed Mike Brown back in August..

As you recall Wilson shot Brown after Brown had beaten the officer and tried to steal his weapon.  When Wilson tried to stop Brown from leaving, the 300 pound Brown tried attacking the officer again, this time Wilson put 6 rounds into him.

Yesterday a grand jury ruled that there would be no criminal indictment against the cop — and all hell broke loose in Ferguson..

In the video, Assistant Ferguson Fire Chief  Steve Fair talks about trying to deal with the number of fires, stating at first they were aggressively attacking the fires.. but that ended after shots were fired at the unarmed firefighters.  After that incident they were forced to wait for police to secure and area before they could get to the fire..


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