Obama’s Gonna Need His Veto Pen, Dem’s Lose Senate

Obama’s Gonna Need His Veto Pen, Dem’s Lose Senate

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The short version is Obama’ got his butt kicked across the board..  Democrats tried to make the election about anything but him, it didn’t work..


As of 0430 Eastern, the GOP has picked up 7 Senate Seats, and now control the Senate.  Democrats lost Senate Seats in West Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa, Arkansas, South Dakota, Montana and Colorado.  Virginia’s too close to call and Louisiana’s headed for a run-off..  Alaska’s results aren’t complete yet.  Making the current total 52 Republican and 45 Democrats..

My guess is Alaska will go GOP and Republican’s will win the December runoff in Louisiana.  Expect a recount in Virginia, as of 0300 Eastern, 95% of the votes were counted and Warner led Gillespie 1,072,487 to 1,060,337 The Libertarian, Sarvis had 53,594 and may have prevented a Gillespie win..

Democrats had hoped to pick up some Governor’s Mansions..  They did in Pennsylvania, but they lost the ones they owned in Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois and Arkansas.

At the moment, Colorado’s Governors race is too close to call.. less than 500 votes separate Colorado’s Democratic Incumbent Hickenlooper from the Republican Beauprez.  That’s out of around 1.7 Million votes..

It looks like the Republicans will pick up at least 13 new seats in the House of Representatives..

As Puma just told me, we are now back to three branches of Government, something that’s been missing since 2009..

On the bright side for Obama, the the GOP isn’t republican enough to over ride a veto, or impeach him.




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