Only In America Could You Have A Prisoner, White-Hating

Only In America Could You Have A Prisoner, White-Hating

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, Black Panther, Cop-killer Speak To College Students

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The Mad Jewess

In our colleges today, Professors claim that education is a ‘forum for ideas’.   NO. College is for learning to utilize your skills to land a high-paying job, it’s not supposed to be about ‘ideas’.   College kids now are too dumb to form an opinion of the world unless they have personal experience.  A college kid has nothing to say that a person my age (who has had vast experience) would want to hear.

Ann Coulter (who is too Liberal for me) has been asked to speak at colleges and at those same colleges, they claimed: “Ann Coulter is too controversial” and they cancelled her speaking engagement.   Ann Coulter is too ‘controversial’, according to these bags of baked wind…but an unrepentant, militant, Black Panther, Cop-killer is just fine and dandy.   Mumia Abu Jamal should have been executed expeditiously for his crime.   His Leftist allies not only kept this murderer alive, they still give him a platform of talking points to Communist, College dummies.



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