Common Core data mines for Obama’s website

Common Core data mines for Obama’s website

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Data mining Bill Gates

By Carol Greenberg

Well from the last couple of days y’all know more about the dangers of Common Core. Hawaii schools are a federal “experiment” for explicit sex-ed and then more about the national Common Core sex-ed curriculum.

The subject I am about to broach has been touched on before by several including Missouri Education Watchdog but after reading the comments I’m appalled the public doesn’t grasp what is happening. So I hope this post will enlighten you. Disgust you. And frighten you.

We all know the architect of Common Core was radical leftist David Coleman with the assistance of Bill Gates. It’s not enough that our children in most states have been subjected to the abomination that Common Core is but we find out that data collected from our children is and has been being placed into Obama’s Organizing for Action website. Yes, the one that helped him get elected twice and is now:

Organizing for Action bold
And in case the importance of this escapes anyone, let me be perfectly clear. The URL for the website is: It is NOT,, or Thanks to some enterprising individual the latter three domains were bought up before Obama could buy them. Yes, of course he had a hissy fit, sued and lost but oh well. Tough rocks. So the point is, we know for a fact this is a Democrat-run partisan website with millions of Democrat/Obama supporters in its database.

Coleman let the cat out of the bag last year in a video:

Coleman tells us since he is now head of the College Board he will be targeting “low hanging fruit” which he refers to as Latinos without a lot of money, and will be putting their info into a database to “complement” Obama’s. Notice he thanks Nate Silver, Dan Wagner who ran the Obama campaign OFA website; Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google; and Jeremy Bird who was the OFA Field Director and developed an innovative interactive OFA online “training site” that eliminated the need and expense of renting space.

Ann Kane of American Thinker sums it up:

Coleman’s campaign is partnering with former Obama for America’s Chief Analytics Officer Dan Wagner as well as a person Coleman references in his speech as “Jeremy” (could he mean Jeremy Bird also formerly of the OFA data analysis team?). With Obama’s data gurus on hand, the Access to Rigor Campaign promises to be a broad national operation which will complement the massive Obama database already in use.

 Coleman also mentions recently visiting with someone at the White House on the invitation of Wagner and others “because they saw that we’re going to take the lead on this issue and they saw an opportunity for this country to get something done.”

Why should this scare you? Number one, because I infiltrated with permission Obama’s original campaign website and have screen shots of it. It’s an amazing site which integrates GOTV with millions of bits of data about every state, precinct and voter.

Number Two, I personally know the architect of Obama’s campaign website who is a-political. Steve Adler. Free enterprise, my friends. After parting company with his partner he went on and built an identical database system for Republicans and Conservatives and tried to sell it to the RNC. However, you guessed it, the RNC wanted nothing to do with it because it empowered the Tea Party and their candidates. However Brat did  use rVotes to upset Cantor last June.

RVotes did get a few states up and running in 2012 including Ohio. I was the Ohio state administrator and trainer so I was active in a database system which is/was a mirror image of Obama’s but with enhancements.

So when I see commenters on Breitbart whining about Common Core instead of being concerned about the dangers of having all their kids’ info put into our current president’s website, which will attempt to turn them into future Democrats it’s tough to take.

And in case you think I may have exaggerated and over-stated Coleman’s and his cohorts intentions. NYET. They control Common Core and the data collected therefore they can and will do with it and disseminate it wherever they can.

Including Organizing for Action.


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