Planned Parenthood helps Hawaii write explicit sex ed program

Planned Parenthood helps Hawaii write explicit sex ed program

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Planned Parenthood & sex ed

By Carol Greenberg

In addition to murdering the unborn, Planned Parenthood is now in the business of assisting the Hawaii Department of Education write a faux experimental explicit sex ed program for 11-13 year olds.

It’s called “Pono Choices” but those who have seen it refer to it as “Porno Choices.”

State Rep. Bob McDermott (R) accuses this “research project” of using the kids in Hawaii as “guinea pigs.” The program has been on and off since last year after parents and “stakeholders” have made changes in an attempt to pacify upset parents.

Rep. McDermott and STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood) have been leading the charge to eliminate this program. And as you probably guessed, the program is part of the Affordable Care Act, fondly referred to as Obamacare. It’s one of Obama’s “pet projects.” The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program.

The University of Hawaii wrote the curriculum at the taxpayer expense of over $2 million, with the unbridled and zealous assistance of Planned Parenthood Hawaii and several other “sexpert” organizations.

It took some digging for me to realize why this curriculum is not available online and why all links to it have been scrubbed. It seems the University of Hawai, because they wrote it, owns the copywrite and it will not be available even to parents until 2015. That’s a WTF moment. Sorry, readers. One parent did try and get it and was told it would cost over $80. Imagine that. Parents can’t even find out what their kids are being taught.

Rep. McDermott, STOPP and a 501(c)(3), Ohana Policy Group, have done a fine job and analysis of what appears, since I haven’t seen it, an abomination and should be scrapped and burned.

Here is Rep. McDermott:

He has also put out a lengthy 30-page report, some of the key elements are:

  • Parents were never told their children were participating in a “research project” and never were required to grant permission for their children to be a part of the curriculum, which is required under law.
  • Planned Parenthood although they would like to think they are, is NOT a medical entity and therefore not allowed to write curriculum using medical terms.
  • The curriculum was sent back twice to UH for reversal of many of the explicit “teachings” including anal sex.
  • Pono Choices treats homosexuality as a normal, common lifestyle.
  • Pono Choices had no predator module or abuse prevention guide.
  • Students, teachers and liaisons were given GIFT CARDS [emphasis mine] for participation in the program which is a violation of state law.
  • Pono Choices claims it is a “solution” to teen pregnancy and the reduction of STIs however the converse is true after the program was initiated.
  • Sources Pono Choices lists, such as Advocates for Youth does not focus on “abstinence” as a healthy choice. Surveys were given to students after each module was completed. A 7th grader stated the program teaches “all sex is OK as long as it is ‘safe sex’.”
  • Pono Choices had students “act out and demonstrate” asking and refusing sex from each other and writing about all kinds of sex, including anal, vaginal and oral.

If you can stomach it, you can comb through McDermott’s report for more details. The Ohana Group sums it up this way:

Hawaii serves as an early warning sentinel for progressive assaults on our constitutional rights, infringement of our religious liberties and politicization of our public schools. We have the most liberal governor and U.S. Senator in the country, who are both personal friends of our Hawaii-born president, Barack Obama. Hawaii is being used as a living laboratory to see just how much the average citizen can take, and just how best to surpress your liberty, introduce higher taxes, and promote more government control of your lives.

Thanks Hawaii. With your help and early warning hopefully we can keep this from spreading. Crossposted at Conservative Outlooks


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  1. I’m not surprised that Margaret Sanger’s Eugenics Club (Planned Parenthood) needs to get into more ‘stuff’. Heck, vacuuming babies out of perfectly good wombs? That’s got to get boring for them after a while. I heard there were payoffs within ObamaCare for PP (yeah, PP sounds about right), but I didn’t know where these cash disbursements would be issued, or what they would be for. Now, unfortunately, I / we know at least one ‘new’ venture for them is.

    I’ve written a few posts regarding PP over the years, every time I do I end up taking a half-hour shower just to get the stink of it off me. Why Progressives / Minorities would support an organization designed by Margaret S. to reduce the number of THEM (un-desireables) is beyond me. And the newly written curriculum explains Anal sex to 11 year olds? REDUNDANT! After 6 years of Obama, I’m thinking we could explain ‘Rump Wrangling’ to these kids just fine from our own personal experiences with the Feds, courtesy our very own Vacationer In Chief.

    If you’d like to learn more about the warm and cuddly Margaret Sanger, go ahead and check out the following two paragraphs courtesy of Mother Margaret herself…

    woman of the workers knows what society does with her offspring.
    Knowing the bitter truth, learned in unspeakable anguish, what shall
    this woman say to society? The power is in her hands. She can bring
    forth more children to perpetuate these conditions, or she can withhold
    the human grist from these cruel mills which grind only disaster. 15

    Shall she say to society that she will go on multiplying the
    misery that she herself has endured? Shall she go on breeding children
    who can only suffer and die?

    For more ‘love’ from the Mother of Planned Parenthood, check out the following link:

    The only consolation I have is that this malevolent Witch is having Tea in Hell with Adolph Hitler – reading both of their writings, they had a LOT in common. The major difference between the two of them? He got more done because he was prettier than she was…

    And yet, she is glorified by the Left as a visionary… The problem with PP is that people don’t know what it is, an offspring of the Eugenics Movement (Adolph H. was also a card-carrying member of the club). Ah, but Lefties believe what they want, I’ll know what I know. And that’s why… I’m Right.

    1. If you’re disgusted with this one not sure you want to read about the “national sex-ed program” I put up today.

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