A Dozen Departures: Twelve Things Progressives Removed from Our Society that Need to Return

A Dozen Departures: Twelve Things Progressives Removed from Our Society that Need to Return

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They’ve Got Us Coming and Going




By Linda McKinney


  1. Shame – Feeling
  2. Guilt – Being
  3. Courage — See PART II
  4. Responsibility — See PART II
  5. Common Sense — See PART III
  6. Morality — See PART III
  7. Normalcy – Traditional Family Values
  8. Logic/Reasoning
  9. Gender
  10. Righteousness
  11. Joy
  12. GOD


The list above is the list of the top twelve things that progressives have slowly but steadily and determinedly removed from our society and culture. They were part of us until progressives started making inroads into our educational system, our government and our “elites” (Hollywood, etc.). (Note: For the purpose of ease of writing – and reading – I shall use the universal male pronouns throughout, intending “mankind” as opposed to the gender specific male.)


Let’s start with the first one on the list:





When was the last time you heard anyone – even a parent – say, “You should be ashamed of yourself!”? When was the last time you saw anyone be truly ashamed of what they have done?

From Monica Lewinski and Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber and the rantings of Harry Reid, people use their shameful deeds as a cliché, “All publicity is good publicity” is their mantra. Forget the fact that there was a teenage daughter involved in the Lewinski/Clinton “scandal” (“It’s only sex!” and “That’s between a man and his wife! It’s none of our business!”, etc.) and the fact that Cyrus’s fans were teens and tweens who were apt to follow her lewd behavior and re-enact it. Forget the Bieberites who now think it’s cool to be outrageous for the sake of publicity and the cut-off point is where someone gets hurt or something expensive gets broken. (Although the broken thing can be replaced by Bieber, it can’t be by his “-ites”.) Forget Harry Reid’s ridiculous assertions and that he ever said a word. He’s a progressive. He’s allowed.


Elliot Rodger, the Santa Barbara shooter, wasn’t ashamed of his deadly thoughts and plans. He was capable of getting help before his deadly act. He had that option. Problem is he didn’t feel shame for his thoughts, plans and the first two killings (his roommates) of that horrible day. No shame led to more deaths and ultimately to Rodger’s suicide. He didn’t commit suicide because he was ashamed, but because he was finished. He had completed the task he had set for himself: the murder of as many people as he could kill without facing the police. He knew the cops were on their way and he preferred to take himself out than to have someone else do it for him. Shame was not a factor because it’s no longer taught, nor even allowed in our society.


Shame used to be a controlling emotion that would prevent us from doing the wrong thing, and steer us on the path to correct behavior. Back in the fifties only the wealthiest of the wealthy were allowed to get away with Chappaquiddick and suffer no repercussions. Their shame was bought and paid for via a donation to a charity for a related woe, or covered by a stiff double of their favorite alcohol; or both. The common man had to tough it out, face the reality that he had done wrong and that the whole world knew about it and his family’s name suffered and his whole family was shamed by his actions. The family used to move far away, sometimes changing their names, or staying as far away from society as possible.


Now, if someone in the family does something that used to be considered “shameful”, the rest of the family immediately books onto the Jerry Springer Show, Ellen, or Maury. They write books and screenplays about how well they knew the perpetrator and how things all went wrong with him. If the perpetrator cannot benefit financially from a crime the family certainly can – and will! If it’s not the family members it’s a member of his circle of friends, union, congregation, or whatever that will do the deed of benefitting from an act that damages society and doing so (profiting) is acceptable nowadays. There’s not a problem with making money from someone’s shameful act; as long as they get money, infamy, or whatever, it’s all okay.


Shame used to be something deeply felt, and could be a life changer. If shamed deeply enough, you learned to not do “X” again, whatever that “X” may have been. Remember the book, “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne? That book was about the shame of having been caught in adultery. It was about trying to bring about change in someone’s behavior – and thus society – via the useful tool of shame. No one wanted to be an adulterer after the shame endured by Hester Prynne and it was a controlling emotion for some of those who were tempted, but remembered the shame they also would have to endure if found out.


Shame: a simple idea of remorseful embarrassment and humiliation that used to work to help society control its animal impulses and maintain a sense of propriety is no longer a part of our lexicon, much less our lives.




First, there is a difference between guilt and shame. Let’s acknowledge that.


How many excuses have we heard as bad excuses for people doing the wrong things? From the Menendez brothers, who killed their own parents (and someone commenting on the case saying that it was so sad because they now have to grow up without parents) to the “affluenza” defense, excuses are growing more and more nonsensical. Being “guilty” of something is not allowed.


If it’s someone on “your side”, they can’t be guilty of doing anything wrong! It’s because of “X”, or you’re just looking at it through your own “other side” slant. Our guy’s not guilty and you’re just wrong! And that’s just the defender of the guilty person, not the guilty person himself! The guilty person says, “It was the way I was raised. My Momma didn’t love me.” or “That’s the way it is in my neighborhood. We take care of our own.” It’s not guilt, it’s victimization or heroism under a new guise. Nothing was their fault; they are not responsible unless they can somehow spin it into a twisted, but false, positive.


The woman who killed her kids to be with her lover? She had post-partum depression: it wasn’t her fault. The child who kills is not a soulless sociopath, he’s been deprived of his mother’s love and he isn’t to blame. The drug addict who kept ignoring his parents’ attempts to help him and chose to get deeper and deeper into harder and more addictive drugs until he was so strung out that he “had to” rob and murder to get his next fix? That wasn’t his fault it was the drugs’ fault! He’s a victim! The drugs did the robbing and murdering, not him! (Funny, I’ve never yet heard of a rock of crack cocaine getting up off the table and going out with a gun to confront a stranger, demand money and shoot him after getting that money! It needs a person, doesn’t it?)


If it’s not the fault of the person who pulled the trigger then blame the gun manufacturer, the bullet manufacturer, the number of bullets in the magazine, the person who got shot because he had “bullied” the shooter, or society at large because we didn’t stop the bullying. It’s not the shooter’s fault! He’s as innocent as a newborn lamb because someone did “X” to him! He has an excuse! He’s not guilty!



The rest of the items will follow but to keep this post small enough to read in bits, I post the rest in sets of two each. In Microsoft Word, this article runs a full twenty pages. If you prefer to sit and read the whole thing, it’s at  my website and you can click on each of the itemized departures and skip to that section — IF you’re using Internet Explorer or something that reads HTML still. I program in HTML, not CSS.


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