Where Allen West went WRONG about Benghazi

Where Allen West went WRONG about Benghazi

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West: Right about Weapons Trafficking; wrong to dismiss Kidnapping.

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

When will the right ever get it all right? While Allen West may be right about Benghazi being about weapons trafficking, he doesn’t have an answer as to the motives of the attackers. Would the terrorists who attacked the compound have done so because Benghazi was about weapons trafficking? That makes no sense. Exhaustive research conducted by Shoebat.com presents evidence that debunks one of West’s conclusions.

West has relayed some of the details of a conversation he had with an alleged witness to the Benghazi attacks. Part of his account comports with the findings brought to you by Shoebat.com [here, and here,]. West also dismisses a possibility that should not yet be dismissed. Often, things perceived as having to be necessarily mutually exclusive are not at all.




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