UNDER THE BUS: 5000 legal students in Florida to lose their tuition to illegals

UNDER THE BUS: 5000 legal students in Florida to lose their tuition to illegals

thrown under the bus


While most of us were aware that Americans would become sacrificial lambs on the path to illegal amnesty, most of us never expected that our children would be shoved to the rear of the bus as well.

Thanks to the Progressive establishment on both the left and the right vying for the votes of Hispanics, more than 5,000 legal students in the state of Florida will have the dream deferred as Progressives clear the path for illegal alien students to receive a higher education.

Federation for American Immigration Reform

In a report released by Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) the impact of providing College Tuition Subsidy for Illegal Aliens (HB851/SB1400, AKA in-state tuition) will be that approximately 5,000 legal students will be displaced in Florida higher level institutions by illegal alien students….

While the number of displaced legal students and fiscal cost vary slightly between HB851 and SB1400 the estimates are similar:

• HB851 will displace of 5,026 legal students
• SB1400 will displace 5,175 legal students

• The fiscal cost of HB851 is estimated at $21.7 million.
• The fiscal cost of SB1400 is estimated at $22.7 million.

The full report is available here.



Incredible isn’t it how American students marched alongside illegal aliens to help them achieve their dream only to be thrown to the back of bus behind illegals. H/t Brittius.com.



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