Florida PTA: The Boogeyman Who Torments Step Up for Students

Florida PTA: The Boogeyman Who Torments Step Up for Students

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Bob Sikes

Scathing Purple Musings

During last year’s run-up to another failed parent trigger bid, House sponsor Rep. Carlos Trujillo attempted to marginalize PTA opponents of his bill as “there to bake cookies.” Trujillo’s problem – and that of shaky voucher administrator Step Up for Students – is that members of the Florida PTA show up at hearings to oppose their legislation. The image of actual parents standing up against them obliterates their narrative. The attempt by SUFS continues. Consider this from an outraged, unidentified parent in a letter that SUFS posted in their blog after members of the Florida PTA showed up to oppose expansion of Florida’s voucher program:

I find very suspicious any group calling themselves The Florida PTA is against facilitating freedom of choice for families to use their own tax money to choose what school they send their children to whether the school is religious or not.  The agenda of organizations like the Florida PTA seem to be more rooted in preserving their own relevance and self preservation.  I think that the primary reason that organizations like the Florida PTA are resistant to such programs and their expansion is because they have not adequately determined what the function or relevance of their own organization would be in a future with more private schools than public schools.

SUFS didn’t even want adm




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