Lawyer & Columnist asks: Is Obama Manchurian

Lawyer & Columnist asks: Is Obama Manchurian

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Dianne Feinstein having a cow about about bloggers, those damned citizen journalists who think they have the right to report the news on their $5.00 websites..


She wants to impose laws that would give the government the power to decide who is and isn’t a journalist in an effort to shut down sites like this..  The reason is simple, new media news is hurting MSM News..  The Mainstream Media can be depended on to  report favorably on what she other liberal politicians are doing.. and not notice stuff the crooks in DC don’t want noticed..  New Media sites can’t..   She wants the power to decide what news outlets can publish news, and if a person can’t prove a history of employment with them, they won’t be allowed to report the news or presumably to express their opinions.

 The Aspen Times was in business a quarter of a century before the 1906 San Francisco Fire,   Glenn K. Beaton is a columnist for  The Aspen Times, If that doesn’t prove his journalism credentials, he’s also a contributing columnist to the Wall Street Journal..  so he should meet her minimum requirements.. As a lawyer, he’s also appeared at the US Supreme Court…

He has a question that isn’t going to make Fientsien or any other progressive happy..

In an column he published in the Aspen Time he asks Is Obama a Manchurian?

He starts off like this

I don’t think Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Yes, his father was born in Kenya, and his brother was born in Kenya. But that doesn’t mean he himself was born in Kenya.

And yes, for 16 years he allowed his literary agent to circulate a one-paragraph bio stating that he was born in Kenya, which was revised numerous times over the years while continuing to state that he was born in Kenya. But I’m inclined to think he did that because it seemed cool and a way to sell books and not because it was true.

And yes, he refuses to release his college transcripts, as other presidents and candidates have done. But I’m guessing that’s because they show poor grades and not because they state he was a foreign student.

And yes, for many years he attended a church where the pastor sometimes exclaimed, “God damn America!” but I think he was just trying to fit in.

No, I don’t think he’s Kenyan.

But I wonder whether he’s Manchurian.

Read all of: Is Obama a Manchurian?

When you follow the link to the Aspen Times you’ll be asked to participate in a survey..  or to tweet a link or share the article on Facebook..  I figured it was worth a tweet to get in..  It was.

In fact I’m going to share it a couple other places as well..



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