Common Core Data Mining: New Hampshire House sells the souls of the states kids to DC

Common Core Data Mining: New Hampshire House sells the souls of the states kids to DC

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Yesterday when I read Warner Todd Huston’s Breitbart Article New Hampshire Decides to Keep Common Core, I was disappointed but not too surprised at first.  While New Hampshire may be the only state in the Northeast with a trace of common sense left, it’s still in the Northeast..  The Administration has been putting a lot of pressure democrats to keep the standards.  Jeb Bush and his Chamber of Commerce owned RINO’s have openly declared war against any republican incumbent  who puts the will of the people ahead of the demands of the Chamber of Commerce..

What surprised me was the line:

Even the two bills that would have limited or stopped the collection of student data to be gathered and sent to the federal government and state authorities failed.

So much for live Free or Die, the state needs to trash the motto. or the people need to replace the legislature in November..

With that vote they sold the souls of New Hampshire’s Children to the Federal Government and Multinational Corporations.

Let me try and explain:  Thanks to some blogs a friend, Sandra in Brevard wrote several years ago, I’ve been keeping an eye on Common Core since late in 2010..  It was the privacy issues that first caught my attention..

Most of us remember the old grade books, teachers used to keep attendance, record grades and keep little notes in.  Everybody remembers threats about the dreaded Permanent Record following you the rest of your life..  Once you escaped the education system you probably joked with friends about it..

It’s not a joke anymore.  Thanks to modern technology, teachers now use electronic grade books. Every assignment, every grade, every absence, every trip to the principals office, the note Mary got caught passing to Tommy in second grade, and the much more explicit one that got intercepted by another teacher seven years later are recorded in the now digitized very Permanent Record ..  But that’s not all..

The government wants to know everything, and they want it recorded, forever.  There are hundreds of so called data points..  Here’s a few of ’em:

  • Blood type
  • Height and Weight
  • Dwelling Arrangement
  • Health Care History
  • Health Care Plan
  • Identification Results
  • Immunization Status
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Overall Health Status
  • Residence Block Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Voting Status and political beliefs
  • Sexual Prefernece
  • Religion
  • The number of teeth the kids parents have
  • Name it, odds are it’s there


The government claims they can use the data to improve education through longitudinal studies..  I’m sure Hitler, Stalin and Mao made similar claims when they started using the schools to gather personal information about their citizens..

Is it legal.. It is if you can regulate law into existence, bypass Congress and ignore the Constitution like Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan did back it 2011..

The Department of Education (DOE) has proposed regulatory changes that would gut the primary federal student-privacy statute, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA imposes strict limits on how the government may use so-called Personally Identifiable Information (PII) collected on students by schools or government education agencies. Under the proposed changes to the regulations issued under FERPA, DOE would enable a system of massive data collection on students – potentially including such things as family income range, hair color, blood type, and health-care history – that could then be shared with other government agencies (both federal and in other states) for unspecified purposes.

This disclosure of PII could be accomplished without parents’ consent, and in most cases without even their knowledge.  And because the data-collection and sharing would begin when the student is in preschool and follow him even through his entry into the workforce, the possibilities of breach of privacy and unwarranted use of data are almost limitless

Read More Arne Duncan and DOE’s End Around Congress to Change FERPA, Invade Student Privacy

The Secretary of Education has already said that when a student leaves school, the data will be turned over to the Department of Labor, and any other government agency that has an interest.

Now for most of us the idea of processing all that information.. especially to a level where it could actually affect the life of one of the millions of people who’s data has been stolen might seem a bit overwhelming.. But not to Bill Gates, as Sandra in Brevard pointed out back in 2011 with her post Data Mining: An Education Reform Strategy read the excerpt slowly and think of the implications

Last year, Bill Gates and other Microsoft executives obtained a patent for a personal data mining system that “would analyze information and make recommendations with the goal of aiding a person’s decisions and improving quality of life. The patent abstract described the system this way: “Personal data mining mechanisms and methods are employed to identify relevant information that otherwise would likely remain undiscovered.” Users supply personal data that can be analyzed in conjunction with data associated with a plurality of other users to provide useful information that can improve business operations and/or quality of life. Personal data can be mined alone or in conjunction with third party data to identify correlations amongst the data and associated users. Applications or services can interact with such data and present it to users in a myriad of manners, for instance as notifications of opportunities. Of course, it’s not all about improving lives: Further down, the patent explains that “such data can be afforded to businesses involved in market analysis, or the like, in a manner that balances privacy issues of users with demand for high quality information from businesses.”

Read all of  Data Mining: An Education Reform Strategy

With almost every detail of a child’s life recorded over 13 years or longer the algorithm will know everything about them.. They’re hobbies, their interests, everything right down to how often they poop..  Yeah- there’s a program in process to monitor how often they use the bathrooms at school.

If you know exactly how a person thinks, you know exactly what to say, to make them agree with anything you want..  It’s the perfect toll for indoctrination

Now you know why Bill Gates and the Chamber of Commerce are willing to invest Billions in Common Core, and it’s got nothing to do with helping kids..

Just think what government can do with the same Algorithm.  We all know the government guides people, do it or else.  With this algorithm in place they’ll have the ability to “guide” people into living, working and playing where the government wants them to live, work or play..

Or for that matter who they want them to have children with.. if the government deems them suitable to have children…

Like I said,  so much for Live Free or Die..



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