Cummings hits back: Issa ‘extremely thin on the law,’

Cummings hits back: Issa ‘extremely thin on the law,’

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trying to create headlines [VIDEO]

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Brendan Bordelon

The Daily Caller

Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, struck back after Republican Chairman Darrell Issa dismissed his argument that holding Lois Lerner in contempt would be illegal, claiming the chairman’s response was “extremely thin on the law” and crafted solely to create headlines.

On Wednesday, Cummings sent a letter to Issa accusing him of violating procedure in last week’s hearing with disgraced IRS official Lois Lerner — making it illegal to hold her in contempt of Congress. On Friday, Issa responded, calling the letter “wrong on the facts and the law.”



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  1. Mr. Cummings basic problem is that he does not have a single functioning brain cell. This is a man who has never had a single original thought in his entire life. He takes his marching orders from the CBC who in turn gets their marching orders from the DNC and Democrat Caucus who in turn gets their marching orders from Podesta’s far left Alinsky style think tank, The Center for American Progress. I can still see Emanuel Cleaver, John Lewis, and our brain dead friend Mr. Cummings claiming that Tea Partiers were shouting the N word at them in May 2010 on the steps of the House of Representatives. That lie stuck like glue, even though there was absolutely no evidence found in the thousands of hours of video tape to support their scurrilous and racially hateful allegations. Such lies should not be allowed to go unchecked, but the Democrat Party uses these lies and race baiting charades to obscure their true intents and objectives. Mr. Cummings is thus a very useful idiot.
    But what it truly distasteful about this well planned yet poorly played Committee outburst by Mr. Cummings is that it was performed in conjunction with both the Democrat Party and a highly paid and powerful key public employee, Mz. Lerner, while she avoided answering direct questions from the Committee about her using her public job to push a party agenda, destroy peoples live and careers in passing, and protect other party members, herself included, from prosecution and possible prison time. Mz. Lerner has finally; and obviously with the help of counsel; come to realize that what she did is not only a violation of the public trust, but it is also a violation of several laws. This has now gone well beyond reasonable doubt. What the irrational and ill informed Mr. Cummings fails to recognize is that by working in concert with law breakers he is also involved in committing the crime himself. It’s called being an accessory.

    1. A member of Congress can do or say pretty much anything they want on the floor of Congress, even if they are committing a crime in the process.. Any disciple as a result it up to Congress itself.. So while Cummings appears to be actively engaging obstruction of justice, conspiracy to violate the Civil Rights if millions of Americans, usurping the Constitution and few other things. He cannot be charged, without the consent of the House

      1. For Cummings to be able to take that exemption he has be either in session, or going to session. If there was collusion or conspiracy between Mr. Cummings, and any party affiliate during session, then it would be part of the record. I can’t believe that The Democrats, the CBC, The Democrat Caucus, or the DNC would be dumb enough to allow that to happen. Simply being a Congressmen does not allow an individual to exempt themselves from the law. (…although there have been a lot of inebriated Congressmen over the years who claim that they were on their way to session then simply walked away from traffic incidents)
        Watch the video again. Note that Mr. Cummings is reading from a prepared script, or at least he was until he went into his ludicrous rant. I am quite sure that script was drafted off session.

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