Elijah Cummings Gives Oscar-Worthy Freakout Performance

Elijah Cummings Gives Oscar-Worthy Freakout Performance

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Poor Old Elijah is worried about protecting Lois Lerner’s civil rights, or so he says, and he’s banking on theatrics and shouting rants to prove it to.. well.. someone. Anyone with half a brain realizes that what he and other Democrats on the oversight committee are trying to do is suppress the Constitutional Rights to free speech of millions of Americans. While at the same time, trying to keep some key Obama political appointees and possibly the President himself out of prison..



by Kurt Bardella | Breitbart News

“You cannot have a one-sided investigation,” shouted Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), the Ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. “There is something absolutely wrong with that. And it’s absolutely un-American.”

His tirade–and it should be noted that while Cummings was yelling Issa remained composed and calm–was an instant made-for-YouTube moment, and I suspect that was exactly the point.

If anything, this moment personifies the entire reason why Cummings is the ranking member today.


Read the rest, Bardella did a good job of explaining how and why Elijah Cummings sits where he sits on the House Oversight Committee..

There’s very little doubt that the intentional targeting of conservatives by the IRS was illegal.  There is evidence that high ranking officials in the Obama Administration may have been involved..  Lois Lerner is one of the few people who can shed some light on the investigation.  She has repeatedly invoked the 5th Amendment, possibly to avoid self incrimination.. or possibly to protect the President and his appointees..

It’s interesting how Cummings used what’s become a common tactic for the democrats..

Accusing others of doing exactly what they themselves are doing..  They’ve learned that the first accusation, if shouted loud enough is the one the public remembers, and that facts don’t trump perception..


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