The greatest challenge facing the US and Israel”

The greatest challenge facing the US and Israel”

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday in Washington, D.C., that the “greatest challenge” facing their two countries is stopping Iran from gaining the capability to produce a nuclear weapon.

  • “The greatest challenge, undoubtedly, is to prevent Iran from acquiring the capacity to make nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said, according to a transcript of his remarks released by his communications office. “I think that goal can be achieved if Iran is prevented from enriching uranium and dismantles fully its military nuclear installations.”
  • He said, “as you know and I’m sure you’ll appreciate, Iran calls openly for Israel’s destruction, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate that Israel cannot permit such a state to have the ability to make atomic bombs to achieve that goal.  We just cannot be brought back again to the brink of destruction. And I, as the Prime Minister of Israel, will do whatever I must do to defend the Jewish state.”

and, on the issue of the on-going “peace” talks with Abbas:

  • Netanyahu addressed Obama directly: “Mr. President, you rightly said that Israel, the Jewish state, is the realization of the Jewish people’s self-determination in our ancestral homeland. So the Palestinians expect us to recognize a Palestinian state for the Palestinian people, a nation state for the Palestinian people. I think it’s about time they recognize a nation state for the Jewish people.  We’ve only been there for 4,000 years.”
  • “And I hope [PA] President [Mahmoud] Abbas does this, as I hope that he’ll take seriously Israel’s genuine security needs. Because, as you know and I think everybody does, in the Middle East, which is definitely the most turbulent and violent part of the Earth, the only peace that will endure is a peace that we can defend.”
  • “And we’ve learned from our history — Jewish history, but I think from general history — that the best way to guarantee peace is to be strong.  And that’s what the people of Israel expect me to do –- to stand strong against criticism, against pressure, stand strong to secure the future of the one and only Jewish state.”  (read more here)

Does anyone believe Obama carefully LISTENED to and/or agrees with Netanyahu’s concerns about Iran going “nuclear”?

To answer that question, let’s go to an article printed two days ago – March 2, 2014:


mossad spycraft
On March 2, 2014 by stratagem

Source: CBS News


Recently, as I sought to update a book I co-wrote about the history of Israel’s intelligence agencies, sources close to them revealed that they felt pressure from the Obama Administration – more than a hint – to stop carrying out assassinations inside Iran.

Although Israel has never acknowledged it, the country’s famed espionage agency – the Mossad – ran an assassination campaign for several years aimed at Iran’s top nuclear scientists. The purpose was to slow the progress made by Iran, which Israel feels certain is aimed at developing nuclear weapons; and to deter trained and educated Iranians from joining their country’s nuclear program.

At least five Iranian scientists were murdered, most of them by bombs planted on their cars as they drove to work in the morning. Remarkably, the Israeli assassins were never caught – obviously having long-established safe houses inside Iran – although several Iranians who may have helped the Mossad were arrested and executed.

In addition to strong signals from the Obama Administration that the U.S. did not want Israel to continue the assassinations, Mossad officials concluded that the campaign had gotten too dangerous. They did not want their best combatants – Israel’s term for its most talented and experienced spies – captured and hanged.

President Obama – much to the discomfort of Israeli officials – is pursuing negotiations with Iran. The United States is one of the P5+1 nations, continuing to talk with the Iranians about rolling back some of their nuclear potential.

Sources told us that Netanyahu has now ordered the Mossad to focus on hunting – inside Iran and elsewhere – for evidence that the Iranians are cheating on the commitments they made in their interim agreement with the P5+1 last November.

Read More@ CBS News



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