Guess Who the Downsized Military Is Hiring: Terror-Tied Imams!

Guess Who the Downsized Military Is Hiring: Terror-Tied Imams!

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Sara Noble

Independent Sentinel

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a franchise of the Muslim Brotherhood, is once again sending their Imams to the U.S. military to serve as chaplains. The Clarion Project broke the story last year that the Air Force was advertising for Muslim chaplains.

For 15-years, the U.S. military didn’t use Imans because we were concerned about terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, but thanks to tolerance and political correctness with no small dose of imaginary thinking, we are no longer concerned about those things.

Never mind that the Brotherhood sees its work in the United States as a grand jihad intended to eliminate and destroy the Western civilization from within.



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